Kindergarten Music: Frere Jacques Tunes

I Am Swinging: Barefoot Books LadyD
Swinging in France (photo credit: Dena Davis)

There are many popular songs you can teach the children, singing to the tune of 'Frere Jacques.'
With just one chord, here are some songs for school and play time that I have used.

I Am Swinging

I am swinging, I am swinging,
Up so high, up so high.
First I swing forward,
Then I swing backward.
touch the sky, touch the sky.


Hello Shelly, hello Shelly.
How are you? How are you?
We're so glad to have you,
We're so glad to have you.
Here at school, here at school.

(Substitute the name of one of your children for the name Shelley, and the name of your group for the word school.)

Glad to See You


I'm Ms. Baker, I'm Ms. Baker
That's my name, that's my name.
Glad to see you here,
Glad to see you here.
What's your name? What's your name?


I am Bobby, I am Bobby.
That's my name, that's my name.
I am glad to be here,
I am glad to be here,
At school today, at school today.

(Substitute your name and the name of one of your children for the names Ms. Baker and Bobby.)

What Is Your Name?

What is your name? What is your name?
Tell us please, tell us please.
We would like to meet you,
We would like to meet you.
What's your name? What's your name?

Hello, New Friend: Barefoot Books LadyD

Hello, New Friend

My name is Ben, my name is Ben.
(Child points to self as the group sings his name.)
What is yours? What is yours?
(Child points to another child, that child says his or her name.)

How are you today, Sue?
Very well, I thank you.
Hello, new friend; hello, new friend.

(Substitute the names of your children for the names Ben and Sue.)

Waiting For the Bus

I am waiting, I am waiting,
For the bus, for the bus.
When will it get here?
Hopefully it is near.
Here it comes, here it comes.

How Are You This Morning?

Good morning, good morning.
How are you? How are you?
It sure is good to see you,
It sure is good to see you,
We'll have fun, we'll have fun.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready? Are you ready? (Clap)
Please sit down, please sit down. (Sit down.)
Time to quiet down now, time to quiet down now, (Put finger on lips)
Hands on laps, hands on laps. (PLace hands on lap.)

I'm Getting Very Hungry

Time for lunch, time for lunch,
Let's get ready, let's get ready.
I'm getting very hungry,
I'm getting very hungry.
How 'bout you? How 'bout you?

Wash our hands, wash our hands,
Before we eat, before we eat.
We should have clean hands,
We should have clean hands. When we eat, when we eat.

It Is Naptime

It is naptime, it is naptime,
Come along, come along,
Go and get your mat now,
Time to take a nap now.
Let's all rest, let's all rest.

Everyone's A Helper: Barefoot Books LadyD

Everyone's a Helper

Time for cleanup, time for cleanup
Everyone, everyone.
We all work together,
We all work together.
Cleanup time, cleanup time.

Pick up the toys, pick up the toys
Put them away, put them away.
Everyone's a helper,
Everyone's a helper.
Thank you Zak, thank you Anne.

(Substitute the names of your children for the names Zak and Anne.)

Yellow Balloons

Yellow balloons, yellow balloons,
Floating up, floating up.
Never let them touch the ground,
Never let them touch the ground.
Keep them up, keep them up.

(Have the children pretend to keep balloons up in the air as you sing the song. Sing the song as many times as desired, letting the children suggest other balloon colors.)

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Shape Song: Barefoot Books LadyD


This is a square, this is a square,
How can you tell? How can you tell?
It has four sides,
All the same size.
It's a square, it's a square.

This is a circle, this is a circle
How can you tell? How can you tell?
It goes round and round,
No end can be found.
It's a circle, it's a circle.

Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday
All day long, all day long.
Yesterday was Sunday,
Tomorrow will be Tuesday.
Oh, what fun; oh, what fun.

(Substitute the names of the appropriate days for the words Monday, Sunday and Tuesday.)

Look Out The Window

What's the weather, what's the weather,
On this Monday, on this Monday?
Let's look out the window,
Let's look out the window.
It is sunny, it is sunny.

(Substitute the name of the appropriate day of the week and the type of weather for the ones in the song.)

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Rain On My Umbrella

Drip drip, drop, drop
Drip drip, drop, drop,
Drip, drip, drop.
Rain on my umbrella,
Rain on my umbrella,
Never stops.
Drip, drip, drop.

Summer Fun

It is summer, it is summer,
Lots of fun, lots of fun.
Swimming, picnics, playing,
Swimming, picnics, playing.
I'll have fun, I'll have fun.

School Time

What time's school time?
What time's school time?
On the clock, on the clock.
Show us when it's school time.
On the clock, on the clock.

(Set out a play clock and have the children take turns showing you the time.)

Additional verses: What time's snack time? What time's lunchtime? What time's rest time? What time's playtime? etc.

Happy Summer!

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