Book Review: We All Go Traveling By

Book Review: We All Go Traveling By

I spy with my little eye,
You can hear with your little ear,
A yellow school bus goes beep-beep-beep.
And we all go traveling by, bye-bye,
And we all go traveling by.
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All aboard! Just try to read or listen to this playful cumulative song without tapping your toes or singing along. Children will delight in beeping, vrooming and rumbling their way through the pages of this unique book, exploring different modes of transport as they go.

With its bright, hand-stitched illustrations and an accompanying musical CD by popular children's singer Fred Penner, We All Go Traveling By will turn every school journey into a special adventure!

Book Review

Children will love the repetition and the many brightly colored illustrations. This is a very engaging book with various landscapes to discover. Especially finding all the various modes of transportation from a truck, train, boat, car, bike, and especially a yellow school bus! The song is delightful!

5/5 stars! Highly recommend!

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