Magic Train Ride

Photo Meme for Blue Monday and Mellow Yellow Monday

The Vtech train is such a cool toy, providing hours of pleasure for our granddaughter. She is just at the right age for sitting on top and scooting along with her legs. It comes with all the bells and whistles. I love the music, with rhymes that teach the alphabet, numbers and names of animals. Do you have some Vtech educational toys for toddlers and preschoolers you recommend? This one is a hit!

For Book Sharing Monday

Written by Sally Crabtree and Illustrations by Sonia Esplungas

This train is unlike any other - it takes you deep into the ocean, through a monkey-filled jungle and into outer space. Hop on and imagine all of the places you can go!

"A train begins its journey with two children, an octopus, a Martian, a tiger, and a gingerbread boy among its passengers. It travels to the jungle, underwater, to outer space, to a land of cakes, etc. At each station, one of the passengers disembarks and a new child boards. By the end of the trip, all of the animals and magical creatures have been deposited in their proper settings and the remaining riders are now children returning from magical jaunts. The rhymed text offers few surprises and is extremely repetitive. Esplugas's multimedia art has many fun details that children will enjoy exploring in full spreads..." --School Library Journal

"Children already have a ticket for the Magic Train tucked within their imaginations. Sally Crabtree collects those tickets and offers kids a whimsical ride through seven different play-filled stations. The asymmetrically quirky illustrations are a treat (kids can follow aliens, faeries and sea creatures as they find their favorite stops) but the real appeal of this picture book is that it doubles as a game of make-believe. Get on the train, chug down the track, and jump out at the destination of your dreams. If you don't know how to play, ask your favorite little kid to serve as conductor, then sit back and enjoy the ride." --Sioux Falls Woman Magazine

Amazon Reviews

"I used this book and CD with my 3 - 5 yr. old pre-school music classes and they loved it! The tune is very catchy and the kids love to pretend to blow the train whistle and imitate the train wheels! Highly recommend this one!"

"Bought this book for my twin 2 year old daughter's as a Christmas gift, and they love it! The bright, funny photos and catchy tune hooked them right away. They ask for it over and over! Although the tune is a little hard to follow at first, once you sing it several times, it is quite enjoyable. I'll be looking at more sing-a-longs from Barefoot in the future!"

 Order this $6.99 paperback book at Magic Train Ride

I have to say, that riding on the train has been a real nice, relaxing experience for me. I started at Thousand Oaks and headed on down to San Diego, with a little stop over in L.A. The time seemed to go by quickly and I enjoyed reading a good book. One interesting highlight of my trip was to see everything outside pass me by in reverse. To see where you have been is a very interesting perspective. Ever been on a train ride?


“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” — C. S. Lewis

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The Princess is Coming!

Cookie Monster for Blue Monday

The joy of feeding Cookie Monster!

Princess by the Sea for Mellow Yellow Monday

This sweet child, and a real corker I might add, is our granddaughter. The Princess is coming for a visit. 

We may be having tea parties, tent sleepovers with our grandson, and visiting the outdoor sites of San Diego. Plus, there's a garden to plant! 

So much to do, seeing Balboa Park, the zoo, Sea World and an aquarium. Running around our 2 1/2 acre ranch should burn some calories. Then I will look forward to the naps.

My apologies in advance if I get off the blogging schedule. At my age, I have learned that there is nothing finer than to hold a young one close by and read for hours on end. 

Then to get up and head straight to the kitchen with our aprons on, grabbing the wooden spoon to whip up a sweet treat for all. Rest assured, I'll be taking oodles of pictures.

Hugs all around to the 'little people' who grow so quickly, right before your eyes. Amazing how we mark time passing by the growth of our friend's children and our own.

Here is a delightful and charming picture book that is a delightful twist on a traditional tale, including all kinds of opportunities for mathemagical fun!

For Book Sharing Monday

The Real Princess A Mathemagical Tale

Available in paperback with story cd, $9.99 This is a popular children's book with the girls in my kindergarten class for birthday presents. Here's a snippet:

Practice your math skills while enjoying this quirky take on "The Princess and the Pea." The King and Queen and their three sons are on the search for a real princess, but it is only the Queen who knows the secret. After the story, there is an opportunity for readers to test their counting skills with fun number games. Book with CD edition includes story read by actress Juliet Stevenson.

Ages 4 to 9 years 

Written By: Brenda Williams
Illustrated By: Sophie Fatus
Narrated By: Juliet Stevenson


“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” — C. S. Lewis

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Butterfly Sandwiches

 For Blue Monday

We were visiting the Lavender Farm near us, and I just happened to see this pretty butterfly land on the pink and yellow Lantana plant. With lovely lavender plants all about this gorgeous property, I came across this beautiful swimming pool. Looks like something out of a magazine!

 For Mellow Yellow Monday

Butterfly Sandwich

Ages 8 and up

This is a great resource I recommend, especially since I love to garden. Here's a review:

"This deck is just bursting with ideas for parents and teacher to help children learn about the world that is growing around us. There are inside activities for a rainy day and inspiring, fun ideas to help our children enter the garden and learn! Seriously, an incredible tool for any family or classroom!"

Kids' Garden

40 fun outdoor activities and games

Get outside and grow with some child-friendly fun with gardening! Kids’ Garden includes forty activities and games and an eight-page booklet that contains information on gardening tools, year-round plant care and garden safety. These step-by-step instructions are enhanced by colorful collage artwork on each double-sided card and they create a fun and easy way for budding green-thumbs to plant, investigate, learn and experiment.
Whitney Cohen, at ( UCSanta Cruz), has compiled a perfect product for thinking adults.

Written By: Whitney Cohen
Illustrated By: Roberta Arenson
Card Deck (NOW $14.99) Order here.
How my grandson loves potting soil!
Growing Plants From Seed

Creating Garden Art

Propagating From Other Plants

For Book Sharing Monday:

Fly, Monarch! Fly!

Did you know that "butterflies can see more colors than any other creature on Earth?"
Here is a delightful recipe inside the book called, Butterfly Sandwiches.

Make a sandwich with the filling you like.
Ask an adult to cut your sandwich in halves, then quarters, then eighths.
On a plate, arrange two of the sandwich triangles like wings.
Add a carrot stick to the center for the body, half a cherry tomato or grape tomato for the head, and two thin celery sticks for the antennae.

So cute!

I'm participating in the following memes today.
Have you started seedlings in your classroom or greenhouse?


“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” — C. S. Lewis
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