Magic Train Ride

I'll always remember my first train ride on the "Santa Fe" all the way to Chicago. I was 8 years old and I felt like I was on a journey that I would never forget!!!

Come aboard Sally Crabtree's "Magic Train Ride."
This train is unlike any other - it takes you deep into the ocean, through a monkey-filled jungle and into outer space. Hop on and imagine all of the places you can go!

Oh, we're underwater
What a place to be.
There's so much to do
And so much to see.

* Product Details:
Written by: Sally Crabtree
Illustrated by: Sonia Esplugas
Read Alone: Ages 4-7
Read Together: Ages 0-4
Paperback; full-color illustrations

Recent praise:

"Children already have a ticket for the Magic Train tucked within their imaginations. Sally Crabtree collects those tickets and offers kids a whimsical ride through seven different play-filled stations. The asymmetrically quirky illustrations are a treat (kids can follow aliens, faeries and sea creatures as they find their favorite stops) but the real appeal of this picture book is that it doubles as a game of make-believe. Get on the train, chug down the track, and jump out at the destination of your dreams. If you don't know how to play, ask your favorite little kid to serve as conductor, then sit back and enjoy the ride."
- Sioux Falls Woman Magazine

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Was $6.99
Special Offer Price $4.99

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Walking through the Jungle

Hike through the rain forest, scale a snowy mountain, swim across the ocean and still make it home for dinner!

Join a fearless young explorer as she encounters different animals and terrains of the world and makes it home for supper, safe and sound.

Written by: Stella Blackstone
Illustrated by: Debbie Harter
Read Alone: Ages 4-7
Read Together: Ages 0-4
Paperback; Full-color illustrations

Recent praise:

"Stunning, vibrant pictures - told in a simple lively rhyme, this is most entertaining' - Carousel

"A daring young adventurer invites young readers to join her on an exciting trip around different terrains of the world; through jungle, across desert and over iceberg. This is an essential geography resource for nurseries, playgroups and reception classes.' - Karen Mansfield, Howden Junior School, Humberside

"Exquisite illustrations with colourful wild animals will capture your child's imagination and no matter how many times you look through it there is something different to be seen.' - Wakefield Midweek Extra

"Rhyme, rhythm and repetitive structure ensure that children will soon learn the pages off by heart and will be happy to join in. Each verse has an animal sound which children can follow to create new verses for the poem - which, incidentally, has conventional punctuation.' - Child Education

Order Walking through the Jungle today!

Was $6.99 Special Price $4.99

Barefoot Book of Knights

'Chivalry,' began Master William, 'is the code of behavior by which all knights try to live.'
Not just anyone can be a knight, and this spell-binding collection of action-packed stories from around the world will show you why. From the familiar court of King Arthur to the distant realm of Prince Vladimir of Kiev, this enticing collection reveals that being a good knight is harder than it may seem. Not only are a brave heart and a strong arm required, but it is also necessary to know your own weaknesses, learn to cooperate with others and even, at times, have a good sense of humor!

Giovanni Manna brings his warm, colorful characters to these adventurous tales that are sure to delight young would-be knights across the land.

The Barefoot Book of Knights includes the following stories:

The Knight of the Kitchen
The Knight of the Swan
The Three Journeys of Ilya Murom
Perronik the Fool
The Tale of Gushtasp
Yogodayu and the Army of Bees
Sir Cliges and the Cherry Tree

If you enjoy tales of adventure from around the world, you may like to take a look at The Barefoot Book of Giants, Ghosts and Goblins. This anthology is also exquisitely illustrated by Giovanni Manna.

Order Barefoot Book of Knights today! On sale through November 30- Paperback w/ CD
Was $15.99 Now $12.99

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Barefoot Living- My Story

I'm Diana and this is my story!
Once upon a time, I had a little girl. I thought I would give my Daughter a Greek name. Her very own name. Dena, is Greek for Diana. Dena loved reading books as a child. We went to the library every week. Books took Dena on all kinds of adventures. She had such a creative mind and great imagination. She had a pretend horse, named Lightning, that was part of a eucalyptus tree in our own backyard.
Many, many years passed, and as Valedictorian of her High School, Dena was soon off to Stanford. My Daughter continued her journey and passion for the love of books. She majored in English and went on to receive her Master's Degree. Dena taught school for many years and also worked for Publishers Group West, a book distributor for indie publishers.
Then Dena fell in love, was married and later on down the road, my Grandson was born! Now, it was my turn to buy my Grandson some new books. I loved stories set to music, so I bought some Putamayo Cds and everyone clapped and danced. We all had a good time.
One day, my Daughter called to tell me the news that she had found Barefoot Books! I could tell that she was so excited! Her passion for books was ignited again. Only this time she wanted to sell books, share books with her friends, schools, community and libraries! Her passion was so contagious that I started ordering books for my Grandson. Dena's book business is doing great and I'm so proud of her! September Challenge Winners, Dena Davis, Stallholders who placed an order with a qualifying value of $750/£400 or more were awarded a free hardcover copy of Hidden Hippo and a free Folkmanis African Wildlife Puppet Set. Congratulations Dena!
But wait, there's more to the story. Now I have two Grandsons, one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast. I'm a YaYa, Greek for Grandma! Barefoot Board Books are perfect for the younger Grandson. My older Grandson likes lap books, too. Everyone is happy!
I spend my days teaching piano to all ages. I've recently decided to sell Barefoot Books. Guess who I work for? Yep, my Daughter! Now it is my turn to tell others of these wonderful books in my community.
To me, Barefoot Living is celebrating the Circle of Life with the heart of the child that is in us all!
Enjoy Barefoot Books and happy reading!
Food, music and Opa!
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Children's Books- More Special Offers!

* Monsters! Hardcover Special Offer Price $17.99
Written by: Fran Parnell
Illustrated by: Sophie Fatus
Read Alone: Ages 6-10
"Parnell's lively retellings evoke their origins with a light touch, focusing more on fun than fear. Fatus' whimsical illustrations move with the rhythms of the bouncy text." - Publishers Weekly
Order Book:

* Tales From Old Ireland Paperback + CD Special Offer Price $14.99
Retold by: Malachy Doyle
Illustrated by: Niamh Sharkey
Read Alone: Ages 6-10
Awards and Honors:
NCSS-CBC Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People, 2000
Parents' Choice Awards, Gold Award 2000
Society of Illustrators Original Art Exhibition, 2000
Recent praise:
"A very lively retelling of seven traditional Irish stories accompanied by striking stylised artwork from Niamh Sharkey (winner of the Mother Goose Award) - Bookseller
"In his cogent introduction, Doyle gives a succinct overview of the significance of storytelling in the Irish cultural tradition, linking it to the present by references to the government-sponsored systematic collection of tales in the mid-1930s.... The illustrations by Niamh Sharkey are two-dimensional abstractions, richly colored like illuminated manuscripts....[T]he book is a well-designed addition to folklore collections." - Horn Book
"This comic, tender collection of tales from the oral tradition will give adults as much pleasure to read aloud as it will give children to hear. Doyle has a lively prose style full of wonderfully idiomatic dialogue: one character, for instance, drinks so much he is left "as dumb as a haddock on Good Friday.' Some of these stories of fairies and heroes are well known (Irish versions of The Swan Princess and Cinderella, for example). Less familiar ones introduce enjoyable characters such as Lusmore the melodious hunchback and Jack Doherty the tippling fisherman. The storytelling is a delight, but it is the pictures that make this book truly special. Sharkey's palette of autumnal colours is exceptionally rich and luminous; she combines boldness with gentleness, and her humorous vision tames the monsters and endears us to the eccentrics. The collection ends with a cheeky self-referential joke: a story explaining how these tales were written down is illustrated by St Patrick carrying a copy of this very book under his arm. - The Sunday Times (London)
Order Book:

* Knights Paperback + CD Special Offer Price $13.99
Written by: John Matthews
Illustrated by: Giovanni Manna
Read Alone: Ages 6-10
If you enjoy tales of adventure from around the world, you may like to take a look at The Barefoot Book of Giants, Ghosts and Goblins. This anthology is also exquisitely illustrated by Giovanni Manna.
Order Book:

* Story Tree Paperback + CD Special Offer Price $13.99
Retold by: Hugh Lupton
Illustrated: Sophie Fatus
Read Alone: Ages 4-9
"English storyteller Lupton's selection of tales is nearly foolproof, providing seven stellar entries from seven different cultures.... Fatus' illustrations have the geometric simplicity of children's drawings, and the resulting compositions are examples of innocent fun that complement the simple but fluid text....[S]upplement the bedtime-story collection with this effective volume and give adults something they'll be happy to read aloud." - Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books
Order Book:

* The Real Princess Hardcover Special Offer Price $14.99
Written by: Brenda Williams
Illustrated by: Sophie Fatus
Read Alone: Ages 6-10
Order Book:

* Tales of Wisdom & Wonder Paperback + CD Special Offer Price $13.99
Retold by: Hugh Lupton
Illustrated by: Niamh Sharkey
Read Alone: Ages 6-10
Awards and Honors
Books for Children Mother Goose Award (England), 1999
Bisto Award (Ireland), 1999
Recent praise:
"Lupton imbues each folktale in this unusual collection with the rhythm and wit of an informal orator, and delivers a nugget of truth at the close. Reflecting an impressive amount of research, he culls legends from Ireland, Russia, France, Africa and the Caribbean islands and embellishes them as a jazz musician embellishes melody.... He weaves in riffs tailored for reading aloud and prompting interaction with the listener.... Sharkey's characters may remind some readers of a cross between Lane Smith and Yumi Heo, but the composition of her work reflects her own unique style.... Readers can only hope that this team of newcomers has more in store." - Publishers Weekly (starred review)
Order Book:

* Stories From The Opera Paperback + CD Special Offer Price $15.99
Written by: Shahrukh Husain
Narrated by Miranda Richardson
Illustrated by: James Mayhew
Read Alone: Ages 8-Adult
Awards and Honors:
NCSS-CBC Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People, 2000
Recent praise:
"Misplaced your libretto? Not to worry. The Barefoot Book of Stories from the Opera highlights the tales of The Little Sweep, The Magic Flute and five other operas. Tall, narrow illustrations by James Mayhew flank the text, and opulent framed full-page artwork mimics the stage." - Publishers Weekly
"Let this book once and for all dispel any notions that children will not like opera. As this collection demonstrates, beneath that ornate and unfamiliar music are stories of fantasy, romance and suspense that have enchanted young and old for centuries . . . Parents who want to encourage an appreciation of music in their offspring will be hard-pressed to find a more accessible introduction of opera" - ForeWord Magazine
Order Book:
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Children's Books- Special Offers

BarefootBooks Special Offers October 1-31 2008

* Shakespeare's Storybook - Book & Story CD (Special Offer Price $14.99)
Retold by: Patrick Ryan
Illustrated by: James Mayhew
Great read for ages 8 - adult
Winner of The American Folklore Society's Aesop Accolade for 2002
"A marvelous introduction to the collection describes the transformation of storytelling from oral tradition to written word, as well as the background of theater in the 1500s.... On every story's introductory pages, Shakespearean quotes frame the text, and one or more main characters are drawn and labeled to aid the reader in following the plot. Mayhew's detailed watercolors fill the margins of the pages, and each tale features a full-page illustration. A lovely supplement to the Shakespeare oeuvre." - Kirkus Reviews
Order Book:

* Jack And The Beanstalk - Paperback (Special Offer Price $5.99)
Retold by: Richard Walker
Illustrated by: Niamh Sharkey
Great read for ages 6- 10
"Storyteller Richard Walker stays close to tradition by departing from it. Careening off classic written versions of Jack and the Beanstalk, Walker regales his readers with an energetic, far from literary retelling." - Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books
"Trimmed to a jaunty pace and filled with lively humor ... this remains a rousing adventure." - Kirkus Reviews
Order Book:

* Three Billy Goats Gruff - Paperback (Special Offer Price $5.99)
Retold by: Mary Finch
Illustrated by: Roberta Arenson
Great read for ages 6- 10
Praise for Roberta Arenson's Manu and the Talking Fish:
"Arenson's color-saturated, textured collages use both painted and printed paper to make an array of forms and shapes that capture the story's mood." - Booklist
"The deep, vivid colors and textures in simple cut shapes are striking." - School Library Journal
Praise for Mary Finch's The Little Red Hen and the Ear of Wheat:
"Where other little red hen stories finish, this one begins again, lots of discussion here on the social and moral aspects of sharing and helping! The text is clear and easy to follow." - Early Years Educator
"The language is economical and repetition advances the story, making this an enjoyable tale for sharing and one that very young children will quickly try to read for themselves." - Carousel
Order Book:

* Hare and the Tortoise - Hardcover Special Offer Price $16.99
Translated by: Ranjit Bolt
Illustrated by: Giselle Potter
Great read ages 8- adult
"A modern version of La Fontaine's wised-up fables. The tortoise moving 'in top gear/doing at least a mile a year' and the man who thinks he looks 'so very fine/Though he saw mirrors all the time/That seemed to tell him otherwise,' convey their clever lessons all over again. An excellent introduction reminds us that many of the fables were based on tales that originally appeared in Sanskrit as early as the fourth century (they were reputedly written for three badly behaved young princes)."
- The New York Times Book Review
"Adults can take pleasure in reading these famous fables aloud, while children will be entertained, even as they learn important life lessons. Illustrator Gisele Potter interprets each story with captivating charm."- Scholastic Parent & Child
"With the wit we've grown to expect, Ranjit Bolt has transformed these familiar tales into such idiomatically entertaining English that is is a pleasure rather than a chore to read them aloud to young children"
- Jonathan Miller
" A much-practiced translator for the British stage presents nineteen fables selected from the renowned French poet's more than two hundred. The verse takes center stage in Potter's full-bleed pages, where characters and other important story elements make a quiet, invitingly decorative complement. In a field long dominated by Aesop, this is an attractive, more courtly offering. - Horn Book Magazine
"The introduction to this collection of fables is what makes it stand out. In two clearly written pages the reader discovers a brief history of fables from the fourth century CE to Aesop and finally La Fontaine in the 1600's ... Gisele Potter's signature style really helps to bring the pieces together. The lovely soft colors of her gouache paintings and her storytelling through the characters make the fables come to life."- Library Media Connection
"Fables such as 'The Frog' are narrated in crisp, clear language that makes them seem brand new: 'The frogs thought democratic rule/ [Their current system] wasn't cool.' However, the paintings by Giselle Potter ... recall the world in which La Fontaine lived and wrote, complete with gentlemen in knickers and wigs and roasted boar's head for the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse to enjoy."- ForeWord Magazine
Order Book:

* Mother Goose Remembers - Hardcover + CD Special Offer Price $17.99
Compiled and Illustrated by: Clare Beaton
Great read for ages 4-7
"Beaton stitches and appliqu├ęs her way through 46 nursery rhymes, including a few less familiar treasures.... She exquisitely and inventively crafts each picture from felt, antique fabrics and bric-a-brac. In "I Had a Little Nut Tree,' for example, the tree is made from eyelet fabric and dotted with tiny wooden beads. Beaton's work evokes the cozy domesticity and unhurried days of a bygone era, and many adults may find it refreshing to find a Mother Goose untainted by zingy modern ironies." - Publishers Weekly
“Beautifully illustrated, every page is a hand made quilt made especially for each rhyme. The pictures are so clear and vibrant you can actually see the texture of the fabric. I kept wanting to reach out and touch the details of the designs.”
Awards and Honors:
NCSS--CBC Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People, 2000
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Book of the Year, 2001
Society of Illustrators Original Art Exhibition, 2000
Order Book:
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Boogie with The Animal Boogie!

Here is Barefoot Book's finest, selling over 550,000 copies!
Not only is it a hit with my 2 Grandsons, Animal Boogie is a great choice for story hour. As a piano teacher, I can't tell you how delighted I was to find the music to Animal Boogie in the back of this 32 page book! The melody is written in the Key of G, so pretty simple to play! Have a look and join in!

Dance along with the creatures of the Indian jungle as they shake, swing, flap and slither to the sound of the animal boogie! Children's singer, Fred PennDebbie Harterer, brings his voice to a CD version of the song that accompanies this Barefoot best-seller!
* It's a paperback with music CD & full color illustrations. Hardcover also available.
* Read together 0-4 ~ Read alone 4-7
* Encourages children to experiment with movement in response to text and music and
includes step-by-step dance routine.
* Theme of "Guess The Animal" on each spread encourages reader participation.
Author and Artist Information
Debbie Harter was born and raised in England, and she currently lives in Penzance, Cornwall. She has participated in all kinds of artistic ventures... read more:

Fred Penner has been entertaining kids and adults alike for more than 20 years. Fred
lives in Manitoba, Canada. Read more and enter his world. You'll be glad you did!

Best Toy of the Year 2003
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award
'The vibrant, fun illustrations in this book are packed full of jungle animals to find and count. The rhyme bounces along introducing a colorful collection of intriguing animals through lively word play and repetition. A musical score is included in the book.' - Nursery Education
'Join the creatures of the Indian jungle in a lively rhyme with a catchiness that will totally involve children. Age range 2-62.' - Books Magazine
'If you know a little one who likes dancing this is the book. Bright and happy pictures show a variety of children playing hide and seek in a make-believe jungle, then shaking with a bear, stomping with an elephant, flapping with a vulture and so on. Each animal has its own version of the 'boogie-woogie' song.' - Northern Echo
'With vivid colors and enchanting pictures of the animals of the Indian jungle, The Animal Boogie is sure to please the younger children. Each 4 page set offers an appealing repetitious verse with actions that relate to children. ... The brightly coloured and glossy pages make this a wonderful addition to any book collection.'
"Not only does this book reinforce movement, rhyming words, and knowledge of jungle animals, but the text and illustrations act as clues to help your child figure out which animal is coming on the next page. The illustrations are bright and colorful, and they clearly show a diverse group of children playing in the jungle, which encourages children to be friends with everyone." -The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
Order Book for $6.95 Book and CD $9.99
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