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BarefootBooks Special Offers October 1-31 2008

* Shakespeare's Storybook - Book & Story CD (Special Offer Price $14.99)
Retold by: Patrick Ryan
Illustrated by: James Mayhew
Great read for ages 8 - adult
Winner of The American Folklore Society's Aesop Accolade for 2002
"A marvelous introduction to the collection describes the transformation of storytelling from oral tradition to written word, as well as the background of theater in the 1500s.... On every story's introductory pages, Shakespearean quotes frame the text, and one or more main characters are drawn and labeled to aid the reader in following the plot. Mayhew's detailed watercolors fill the margins of the pages, and each tale features a full-page illustration. A lovely supplement to the Shakespeare oeuvre." - Kirkus Reviews
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* Jack And The Beanstalk - Paperback (Special Offer Price $5.99)
Retold by: Richard Walker
Illustrated by: Niamh Sharkey
Great read for ages 6- 10
"Storyteller Richard Walker stays close to tradition by departing from it. Careening off classic written versions of Jack and the Beanstalk, Walker regales his readers with an energetic, far from literary retelling." - Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books
"Trimmed to a jaunty pace and filled with lively humor ... this remains a rousing adventure." - Kirkus Reviews
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* Three Billy Goats Gruff - Paperback (Special Offer Price $5.99)
Retold by: Mary Finch
Illustrated by: Roberta Arenson
Great read for ages 6- 10
Praise for Roberta Arenson's Manu and the Talking Fish:
"Arenson's color-saturated, textured collages use both painted and printed paper to make an array of forms and shapes that capture the story's mood." - Booklist
"The deep, vivid colors and textures in simple cut shapes are striking." - School Library Journal
Praise for Mary Finch's The Little Red Hen and the Ear of Wheat:
"Where other little red hen stories finish, this one begins again, lots of discussion here on the social and moral aspects of sharing and helping! The text is clear and easy to follow." - Early Years Educator
"The language is economical and repetition advances the story, making this an enjoyable tale for sharing and one that very young children will quickly try to read for themselves." - Carousel
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* Hare and the Tortoise - Hardcover Special Offer Price $16.99
Translated by: Ranjit Bolt
Illustrated by: Giselle Potter
Great read ages 8- adult
"A modern version of La Fontaine's wised-up fables. The tortoise moving 'in top gear/doing at least a mile a year' and the man who thinks he looks 'so very fine/Though he saw mirrors all the time/That seemed to tell him otherwise,' convey their clever lessons all over again. An excellent introduction reminds us that many of the fables were based on tales that originally appeared in Sanskrit as early as the fourth century (they were reputedly written for three badly behaved young princes)."
- The New York Times Book Review
"Adults can take pleasure in reading these famous fables aloud, while children will be entertained, even as they learn important life lessons. Illustrator Gisele Potter interprets each story with captivating charm."- Scholastic Parent & Child
"With the wit we've grown to expect, Ranjit Bolt has transformed these familiar tales into such idiomatically entertaining English that is is a pleasure rather than a chore to read them aloud to young children"
- Jonathan Miller
" A much-practiced translator for the British stage presents nineteen fables selected from the renowned French poet's more than two hundred. The verse takes center stage in Potter's full-bleed pages, where characters and other important story elements make a quiet, invitingly decorative complement. In a field long dominated by Aesop, this is an attractive, more courtly offering. - Horn Book Magazine
"The introduction to this collection of fables is what makes it stand out. In two clearly written pages the reader discovers a brief history of fables from the fourth century CE to Aesop and finally La Fontaine in the 1600's ... Gisele Potter's signature style really helps to bring the pieces together. The lovely soft colors of her gouache paintings and her storytelling through the characters make the fables come to life."- Library Media Connection
"Fables such as 'The Frog' are narrated in crisp, clear language that makes them seem brand new: 'The frogs thought democratic rule/ [Their current system] wasn't cool.' However, the paintings by Giselle Potter ... recall the world in which La Fontaine lived and wrote, complete with gentlemen in knickers and wigs and roasted boar's head for the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse to enjoy."- ForeWord Magazine
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* Mother Goose Remembers - Hardcover + CD Special Offer Price $17.99
Compiled and Illustrated by: Clare Beaton
Great read for ages 4-7
"Beaton stitches and appliqu├ęs her way through 46 nursery rhymes, including a few less familiar treasures.... She exquisitely and inventively crafts each picture from felt, antique fabrics and bric-a-brac. In "I Had a Little Nut Tree,' for example, the tree is made from eyelet fabric and dotted with tiny wooden beads. Beaton's work evokes the cozy domesticity and unhurried days of a bygone era, and many adults may find it refreshing to find a Mother Goose untainted by zingy modern ironies." - Publishers Weekly
“Beautifully illustrated, every page is a hand made quilt made especially for each rhyme. The pictures are so clear and vibrant you can actually see the texture of the fabric. I kept wanting to reach out and touch the details of the designs.”
Awards and Honors:
NCSS--CBC Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People, 2000
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Book of the Year, 2001
Society of Illustrators Original Art Exhibition, 2000
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