The Princess and White Bear King

One of my favorite places to visit on the web is Marilyn Scott Waters site!

Her creative talent inspires me so. I hope you'll take the time to visit the toymaker and see for yourself.
Here's a sample of her work:

Make a polar bear box: P Activity

Barefoot Books offers a popular reading book in various formats about a white bear. I'm very fond of Nicoletta Ceccoli's beautiful illustrations!

The Princess and White Bear King

Ride along with the beautiful princess and the majestic white bear on a voyage in the snowy north. When the young princess inadvertently betrays the mysterious white bear, she must prove her loyalty and strength through a series of trying tasks, in order to regain her lost chance at happiness. Book with CD editions include story read by actress Miranda Richardson.
Ages 5 to 11 years
Retold By: Tanya Robyn Batt
Illustrated By: Nicoletta Ceccoli
Narrated By: Miranda Richardson
Another popular item Barefoot Books offers are puppets. The polar bear puppet goes well  with the children's book, The Princess and White Bear King for your gift giving.

Polar Bear Puppet

Brrr! This plush polar bear hand puppet features movable head and arms, a soft vinyl nose, and rubber claws, and is fashioned with ultra-soft, micro fiber fabrics.
For babies to 7 years
Produced By: Folkmanis
Visit my marketplace:

Take off your shoes and go barefoot!

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Bunbun, The Middle One by Sharon Pierce McCullough

 Looking for a board book for your child? I may have found one for you at the right price!

Bunbun The Middle One

Meet Bunbun, a small rabbit who is always in the middle and often in a muddle. This simple and endearing family-based story features a lovable character who is quite an individual.
Ages 1 to 4 years
Written By: Sharon Pierce McCullough
This is a very cute story! I think that this book is excellent for a middle child, reminding him of how special he is, despite feeling at times that he's just stuck somewhere in the middle. 
Visit Sharon Pierce McCullough's beautiful, colorful website for more information:
Catch the sale on this board book for $.99 till Jan.31'10 at: 

* * * * * 

B Activities:

Biggest and Littlest Preschool Worksheet 


Take off your shoes and go barefoot!

~ LadyD
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The Sounds Around Town


The Sounds Around Town

Follow a baby throughout the day, listening to all the sounds of life in the city. The colorful spreads are adorned with sound words to try out, and the rhyming text uses repetition for easy learning.
Ages 1 to 7 years
Written By: Maria Carluccio

The day has just begun, and there are all kinds of sounds to listen to: the drip drip of the coffee maker
the beep beep of taxis, the coo coo of pigeons and lots more throughout the day.

What kind of sounds can you hear around town?

Maria Carluccio has studied art all over the world and has also taught drawing and illustration at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. She comes from a creative background - her mother was an artist and her father was a lawyer and writer.

Maria finds her inspiration in everything around her, from the knick-knacks she collects in flea markets to scraps of interesting paper she finds on the streets. She lives in New York with her husband, their daughter, and their dog and cat. This is her second project for Barefoot, following Skip through the Seasons (2004)
Was 16.99 Now 12.99 till Jan.31, 2010
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Book Review: Star Seeker - A Journey to Outer Space


Star Seeker

A Journey to Outer Space

Journey through the night sky on a poetic trip that blends adventure, imagination and science to teach the basics of our solar system. Includes endnotes about the planets, stars, moons, constellations and even a little mythology. The hardcover edition includes a poster of the solar system.
Ages 5 to 11 years
Written By: Theresa Heine
Illustrated By: Victor Tavares
About The Book: 

From the jacket cover - "With a zigzag of lightning I'll speak Pluto's light, and fireworks will blaze in the dark of the night." What a great way to travel the Solar System! One learns about the stars, the planets and stirs the imagination all while looking at beautiful illustrations. This is an easy to read book with great illustrations from Victor Tavares. Each page sparks the imagination. Perhaps you will bake  ginger cookies on Venus or throw a frisbee at Uranus. Maybe with your lunar lasso you'll loop Saturn's bright rings. Theresa Heine's poetic language is a fun way to learn about our solar system. 

I love this book. It is $7.99 but now til Jan. 31, 2010 it is still on sale for $4.99 If you like, visit my market place for purchase:
Kick off your shoes and go barefoot!
~ LadyD
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Book Review: The Guardian of Kelmar by Laurau Sepesi

Laura Sepesi's Book I of the YA fantasy trilogy is a brilliant novel! It is a well written story that had me riveted from the beginning! The book begins with Carmen Fox, the main character who  later learns she is chosen to be The Child of Destiny. In the magical world of Kelmar  you will find animals talking with people. You will learn about the special bond between a Master and a Partner and meet  the Souls of Destiny. 
As with all good magical story plots, this novel is filled with exciting battles between the good Kelmarians and the evil magicons. You'll turn every page reading about the sword with red stones, feeling the Dragon's Claw near you and seeing crystals embedded in clay ceilings. Upon encountering The Dark Master, you will want to read til the very end to find out if Carmen defeats the dark sorcerer and if so, how does she do it? Laura wraps it up so well with this golden theme, "Fighting to protect what and who you love is true courage." I have a great respect for Laura and the power of her words that flow through her pen. I can't wait to read her next book. I highly recommend The Guardian of Kelmar to my friends. It is worth reading. It is truly worth buying. *****
No, this is not a Barefoot Book but truly one that I love with all it's fantasy, magic and good over evil! BFB fans, do you remember "Herb The Vegetarian Dragon?" Well, this novel is for all ages, especially for the older ones. For more information regarding Laura Sepesi, her book and more of my thoughts, visit my other blog:
All the best,
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Book Review: Fireside Stories by Caitlin Matthews

Fireside Stories

Tales for a Winter's Eve

Gather round the hearth to share these wintry tales. Drawn from countries and cultures all around the world, these eight stories express the magnificent and unique aspects of the winter season, and each story is preceded by an introduction with background information on its origins. 
Ages 5 and up
Retold By: CaitlĂ­n Matthews
Illustrated By: Helen Cann
About The Book:
Well-written, Educational, Multicultural, Stories, Great illustrations

When the wind starts howling and the days are noticeably shorter, it is time to stay inside and snuggle up with your children and read a good book! Starting around Halloween, Fireside Stories is the perfect book to read. The stories are well written and tell both young and old of holiday traditions from around the world. Children will love learning about other cultures and the stories act as a springboard for you to discuss your family's own holiday traditions and beliefs. 

A collection of stories woven into this beautiful hardcover book express the magnificent and unique aspects of the winter season. Caitlin Matthews lifelong interest in folklore and storytelling shows brilliantly through Fireside Stories along with Helen Cann's beautiful winter wonderland pictures. I especially love the colorful border designs that go with each special story!

By The Fireside begins with:
"When the nights grow long and the days grow short, when summer is a distant memory and the cold and darkness of winter an ever-present reality, it is good to sit by the fireside and tell stories." 
The Stories:
A Story for Halloween
The Lonely Boatman
A Story for the First Snowfall
The Winter Cabin
From "The Animal's Winter Home" in Alexander Afanasiev's collection The Three Kingdoms: Russian Folk Tales, Raduga Publishers.
A Story for Christmas Eve
Schnitzle, Schnotzle & Schnootzle
From Sawyer, Ruth, The Long Christmas, Viking Press.
A Story for the New Year
The Cantor Of The Trees
From Eisenberg, Azriel & Leah Ain Globe, The Secret Weapon and other stories of Faith and Valor, Soncino Press.
A Story for Midwinter
The Twelve Brothers
Czech Republic
From Williams, Harcourt, Tales from Ebony, Nattali & Maurice Ltd, London, 1947
A Story for Twelfth Night
From Robbins, Ruth, Baboushka and the Three Kings

A Story for the Return of the Sun
The Bag of Warmth
From "Legends of the Slavery Indians of the MacKenzie River" in The Journal of American Folklore
A Story for the Coming of Spring
The Cailleach Of The Snows
Mackenzie, Donald, Wonder Tales From Scottish Myth amd Legend, Blackie & Son Ltd, London
Matthews, Caitlin, King Arthur and the Goddess of the Land, Rochester IL., Inner Traditions.
Book can be purchased at my market place for $19.99
So tell me, do you have a favorite? Although our nights here in California may not be as chilly as where you are, still it is an enchanting evening for me to gather around a warm fire and read to my Grandson. So very difficult to choose a favorite because each story is unique and special in its own way... I suppose just like snowflakes!
Happy Reading,
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Book Review: Starlight Sailor by James Mayhew and Jackie Morris

I received a lovely package in the mail from my Daughter the other day. Inside the box I found four lovely hardcover Barefoot Books! What a delightful surprise and I jumped into reading Starlight Sailor by Jackie Mayhew and Jackie Morris right away!

Product Description

Award-winning artist Jackie Morris' dream-like illustrations provide an enchanting interpretation of James Mayhew's lyrical poem as a young boy and his dog set sail to distant lands in the enchanting dream landscape, where singing mermaids, majestic whales and flying dragons are brought to life by the lilting, rhyming prose and ethereal illustrations. This book includes instructions on how to make your own paper boat. 

About the Author

James Mayhew is an author and artist based in Hertfordshire. He starts his art workshops for children by telling them a story then asking them to illustrate the story, guiding them on the style of dress and architecture of the period. James has illustrated Shakespeare's Storybook (PB + 2 CDs: 9781905236855) and Stories from the Opera (PB + 2: 9781846860973) for Barefoot Books. Jackie Morris has illustrated several books for Barefoot, including The Barefoot Book of Classic Poems (HB: 9781905236558). She lives and works in Pembrokeshire, Wales

Product Details

  • Reading level: Ages 4-8
  • Hardcover: 24 pages
  • Publisher: Barefoot Books; 1 edition (November 1, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1846861853
  • ISBN-13: 978-1846861857
 About The Book:

Starlight Sailor is a wonderful story. The soft rhyming tells a lovely, dreamy tale and opens with:
"Star light, star bright,
 First star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight."

The illustrations are magical - a timeless classic! 
You'll see blue whales, bluebirds, knights and kings along this journey of fantasy and pretend. Even the red and gold dragon is a nice gentle dragon, flying here and there, taking children everywhere! The starfish and mermaids singing their lullaby are sure to put any young child fast to sleep. So dream on little ones of flying fish dancing in the sky! A perfect bedtime book!

This beautiful book is currently on sale til January 31, 2010. It was $16.99 now $12.99
Visit my marketplace to order:
Dena's Book Nook
Along the same lines, I'm presently reading a very cool book that I haven't been able to put down... it's that good... in fact it's great! Perhaps you would like to take a peek:
Happy Reading,
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Skip Through the Seasons and Sounds Around Town: large-format board books

 Barefoot books has new large-format board books available!

Skip Through the Seasons

Jump into January and dance all throughout the rest of the year. This rhyming, seek-and-find book of months features plenty of seasonal objects on each page for readers to point out. Educational endnotes include facts about different calendars, seasons and days of the week.
Ages 1 to 7 years
Written By: Stella Blackstone
Illustrated By: Maria Carluccio
Ambassador Review:

"This book is so much more than the title would suggest. Of course it teaches your children about the four seasons, but it is also a lovely rhythmic tale about the months of the year. Along the bottom of each page there are twelve objects that children can search for in the beautiful illustrations. This book can be a quick "just one more book" bedtime read or an endless source of entertainment waiting for a doctor's appointment. If that wasn't enough, there are five pages of educational end-notes that detail the origins of the names of the months, changing of the seasons, calendars from different cultures through the ages, and days of the week in six languages."
Was $16.99 Now $12.99 

The Sounds Around Town

Follow a baby throughout the day, listening to all the sounds of life in the city. The colorful spreads are adorned with sound words to try out, and the rhyming text uses repetition for easy learning.
Ages 1 to 7 years
Written By: Maria Carluccio
Was $16.99 Now $12.99 
To view more illustrations in these books, visit my marketplace:

Here in California we've had warm days with palm trees swaying in the breeze. So the only sound we've heard  lately is birds chirping and bees buzzing! How about you? What sounds have you been listening to where you are?

All the best,
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Home for a Tiger, Home for a Bear

                 I would like for you to take a look at this video of Polar bears and dogs playing.

Truly amazing to me... what do you think? Is it real or not? It appears to be so!

In the children's book world, one book that I like and it is on sale at this particular time is called
Home for a Tiger, Home for a Bear...  Hardcover was $16.99  now $6.99 Paperback on sale, too.

You can view the book at:

Home for a Tiger, Home for a Bear

Dig underground with moles, soar high into the mountains with eagles, and travel down a tropical river with crocodiles. This rhyming selection explores the homes of many different creatures, and includes educational endnotes about the animals and their habitats.
Ages 3 to 8 years 
Written By: Brenda Williams, Rosamund Fowler

Happy Reading!

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Happy New Year!

 May you find each day just right for the hat you choose to wear!

The added blessing, many good books to read in 2010!
Happy New Year to all from Barefoot Books- LadyD

Happy Reading!

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