Bear Books: Board and Paperback Sale with Barefoot Books!

The Winter Sale is here!  Save 80% on select items now through Sunday, 31 January! 
Visit my marketplace at: 
Here's what you'll find for Babies in the Bear Category:
* Bear at Work (Board Book) was $6.99  now $4.99
* Bear in a Square (Board Book) was $6.99  now $4.99
* Bear on a Bike (Board Book) was $6.99  now 4.99

Here's a list of Bear Books for Ages 5-7
* Bear in a Square (Bilingual French) paperback, was 6.99 now 3.99
* Bear in a Square (Bilingual Spanish) paperback, was 6.99 now 3.99
* Bear in a Sunshine (Bilingual French) paperback, was 6.99 now 3.99
* Bear in a Sunshine (Bilingual Spanish) paperback, was 6.99 now 3.99
Happy Reading!
With warm wishes to you and your family for a peaceful and prosperous New Year!
Thanks for a wonderful year,

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Barefoot Books WinterSale and Winter Shadow

Snowfall on trees, Germany It's true, Barefoot Books is having a winter sale!
Here's a book for your consideration:

Winter Shadow

Traipse to a small village in the snowy north, where Maria stumbles upon a mysterious gray bundle, covered in wintry snow — an abandoned wolf cub! Grandfather is hesitant to support his granddaughter’s plan to nurse the cub to health, but soon Maria and Shadow warm the hearts of almost every villager.
This touching story explores the delicate balance between humans and nature, and between the individual and community. The second offering in Barefoot Books’ Young Fiction line, this story also includes beautiful, full-color illustrations.
Ages 7 and up
Written By: Richard Knight
Illustrated By: Richard Johnson
Happy Reading!

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The Princess and the White Bear King

"A captivating holiday tale of adventure and courage"

Far away in the distant north, a beautiful princess meets a mysterious white bear, and embarks with him on a breathtaking journey.  Combining remarkable artwork with lyrical storytelling, this tale brings together the major themes of three Northern European wonder tales, creating an unforgettable adventure. 

"Ceccoli provides gently incandescent acrylic, pencil, and oil pastel illustrations, the clean color and softly dappled light filling the pages.  Changing perspectives in the full-page images makes each spread a surprise." -Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books
Narrated by Golden Globe winner, Miranda Richardson. 

"This story begs to be told aloud." -School Library Journal

The Princess and White Bear King

Ride along with the beautiful princess and the majestic white bear on a voyage in the snowy north. When the young princess inadvertently betrays the mysterious white bear, she must prove her loyalty and strength through a series of trying tasks, in order to regain her lost chance at happiness. Book with CD editions include story read by actress Miranda Richardson.
Ages 5 to 11 years
Retold By: Tanya Robyn Batt
Illustrated By: Nicoletta Ceccoli
Narrated By: Miranda Richardson
About The Book: 

The basis of this story is told in many cultures, with slight differences. Tanya Robyn Batt's telling is wonderful, and Nicoletta Ceccoli's illustrations are simply enchanting! This is a  story of honesty, bravery, kindness and devotion. Miranda Richardson's narration is a fun addition. 
Paperback with story CD is $9.99 
You just might want to purchase this adorable polar bear puppet, too!
You can visit my marketplace at 

Polar Bear Puppet

Brrr! This plush polar bear hand puppet features movable head and arms, a soft vinyl nose, and rubber claws, and is fashioned with ultra-soft, micro fiber fabrics.
For babies to 7 years
Produced By: Folkmanis

Happy Reading!
~ LadyD

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Book Review: One City, Two Brothers

One City, Two Brothers

One City, Two Brothers

Listen to Solomon as he tells the story of two brothers who learn the true meaning of peace and selflessness in this traditional tale that has been shared for hundreds of years in mosques, synagogues, and churches across the Near East and beyond.

This timely folktale of how Jerusalem came to be is about mutual understanding and kind acts toward one another.

Product Details:

Ages 5 to 11 years

Written By: Chris Smith

Illustrated By: Aurélia Fronty

Publisher: Barefoot Books

Binding Hardcover

Reading Level Ages 4-8

# of Pages 32

ISBN-10 1846860423

ISBN-13 978-1846860423

* About The Author:

Chris Smith is a storyteller who has also worked with UNICEF and Oxfam on the West Bank and in Gaza. The power of traditional stories is a source of inspiration for Chris, and he wrote this book to combine his love of story with the wish for the people of Israel and Palestine to find peace.

* About The Book

In this traditional folk tale with stunning illustrations, two brothers share a field but live on opposite sides of the valley. When one season provides a particularly good harvest, the brothers each recognize their blessings and decide what to do with their extra grain. The heartwarming result addresses all of the values of love, compassion, and brotherhood.

* A truly uplifting and hopeful tale of both family and compassion. This tale serves as a reminder that peace can exist in any situation.

* Religious subject matter appeals to many faiths; nicely articulated with an informative end note.
* The bright yet simple illustrations fill the pages, perfectly accompanying this magnificent story.

* My Review:

This story is filled with warmth and love. It teaches the valuable lesson of caring for each other and the importance of family. Children and parents of all ages will appreciate One City, Two Brothers. You might want to purchase a copy for your children's preschool teacher so she can include it with one of the character traits she teaches.

Chris Smith explains in his author's note that he draws the linked stories of "One City, Two Brothers" not from scripture but from an oral folktale told for generations by both Jews and Arabs living in the Holy Land.

'One City, Two Brothers' by Chris Smith is a striking looking book-Aurelia Fronty, the illustrator has used brilliant blues, greens, orange and reds that instantly attract the eye. The inside cover shows white doves flying by red-heart shaped flowers. Each page is beautifully illustrated and any child or adult will be pleasantly surprised with this book.

The story is one of two parables- two sets of brothers; one who love each other and do everything in their power to share their goods and love each other. The other set are always quarreling and seek Solomon to solve their dilemma. Solomon tells them the story of the two brothers who shared their lives and their goods and the place where they met became a place of peace called Jerusalem. Children will come to understand the moral that loving and assisting each other instead of squabbling with each other is the higher ground and the best road to take. The story of Jerusalem is an additional teaching lesson- both Arabs and Jews want Jerusalem as their own. The history of that area is rich in stories and lore.

'One City, Two Brothers' has been nominated as finalist for the Cybil Awards. "Because The Cybil's is a blogger-run, blogger-inspired awards process, we operate with the expectation of openness and transparency. Any reader can nominate a book through the Cybil blog" Cybil Award Blog.

This book receives high marks from me. A beautiful story told in parable form and a beautifully illustrated book with rich strong colors.

Highly Recommended.

"Discover a story kept alive by the power of its message!"

Happy Reading!
~ LadyD

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Barefoot Books: 30% off plus free shipping (12-2009)

Hello Everyone!

For those who haven't done their Barefoot shopping this season and for those who have more to do, I have exciting news! From Wednesday, Dec. 9th - Tuesday, Dec. 15th shop at and receive 30% off your order and Free Shipping on ALL orders (no order minimum!). Just enter SNOWY as your special offer code! Be sure to check out the Gift Sets and Gift Collections for an even bigger discount and a free eco-friendly bag or tote. I especially like the PBS Gift Set for $19.99!

* PBS KIDS Global Gift Set
PBS KIDS and Barefoot Books are committed to guiding kids on their own special journey of discovery and growth. So reach into your eco-bag and get ready for an adventure with your little explorer! In these paperback Barefoot Books, children learn to count in Swahili, learn to speak Spanish in Mexico and are introduced to the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt. $5.00 from the sale of this product goes to support PBS. Your purchase helps PBS KIDS provide opportunities for all children – from every walk of life – to explore and grow.

Ages 4 to 10 years

Enchanted Tales Gift Collection
Fantasy and fairy tales

Let your imagination run wild with tales of princesses, ballerinas, fairies, magical horses and more. Packaged in a beautiful, colorful canvas tote bag with a gift tag to personalize.

Featuring The Barefoot Book of Princesses with story CD, Magic Hoofbeats: Fantastic Horse Tales with accompanying My Magic Diary, The Faerie’s Gift gift edition with story CD, The Princess and the White Bear King gift edition with story CD, The Barefoot Book of Fairy Tales, The Barefoot Book of Ballet Stories, and a Princesses 100-piece puzzle.

Ages 5 and up

Barefoot Singalong Gift Set
Jump and jive to these fun singalong collections.
Get ready to sing and dance along to these lively tunes! Barefoot best-sellers The Animal Boogie, The Journey Home from Grandpa’s, and The Farmyard Jamboree — all with singalong CDs — are packaged in an eco-friendly, reusable green shopper tote with gift tag to personalize.

Ages 2 to 6 years

Here, There and Everywhere Gift Set
Hop aboard and get ready for an adventure!
Travel by land, sea and air, with these stories on the go! Featuring The Journey Home from Grandpa's with music CD, We All Go Traveling By with music CD, I Wish I Were a Pilot and Ship Shapes, all packed in a reusable green shopper tote with gift tag to personalize.

Please note that this photo includes The Magic Train Ride, which is not currently featured in this gift set.

Ages 2 to 7 years

ABC's and 123's Gift Set
Enrich young minds & imaginations
Develop counting and alphabet skills with these fun and educational books. Featuring Alligator Alphabet, Counting Cockatoos, One Moose, Twenty Mice and Zoe and her Zebra. Packed in an eco-friendly, reusable green shopper tote with a gift tag to personalize.

Ages 1 to 4 years

Barefoot Bear Gift Set
Start on an adventure with Bear!
Visit Bear's world to learn about shapes, color, transportation and weather. These six board books are packed in an eco-friendly, reusable green shopper tote with a gift tag to personalize.

Featuring Bear in a Square, Bear on a Bike, Bear at Home, Bear at Work, Bear About Town and Bear in Sunshine.

Ages 1 to 4 years

All in all there are about 27 different barefoot Books gift Sets ranging from $14.00 -

* * * * * * *

G Activities

Grocery Store Cards
Submitted by Teddy
Cut out pictures of different foods from ads or coupons and paste them on a Index card. Make them look like playing cards by writing the name (and/or food group) on the top and bottom of the picture. You can use these cards in many, many different ways. Some ideas are:

* Go Fish (Using Food Groups)
* Concentration
* Sorting
* Making Picture Grocery List

Clear Garden

Let your children see how plants sprout and then form root systems. Wet paper towels and put them in clear plastic cups. Finally sprinkle radish seed on the paper towel until the seeds are clearly visible. Set the cups in the sun and keep the towels moist, you will have growth in no time.

Growing Grass

Dampen a sponge and then put grass seed on the top of it. Next pour water over the sponge let your children watch as the grass grows over the next few weeks.

Happy Reading!
~ LadyD

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Baby's First Journal

Baby's First Journal

Baby's First Journal
Capture the precious memories of your baby's first year in this spiral and cloth bound journal. With special sections for your baby's "firsts" and favorites, photographs, captions and more, all the important moments will be saved for years to come. Includes six colorful pockets for holding mementos and keepsakes.

book illustration

For babies to 2 years

baby book illustration

Illustrated By: Clare Beaton

Clare Beaton illustration

Clare Beaton's Hardcover "Babies First Journal" $24.99

* Related and Recommended:

Welcome to the World (Hardcover $18.99)
A Celebration of Birth and Babies from Many Cultures
Welcome new babies to the wonderful world with this collection of photographs and poems from many cultures. This unique anthology celebrates the feelings of hope, wonder, surprise, delight and fascination at each new generation of children.

For all ages

Compiled By: Nikki Siegen-Smith

Also you might like:

Barefoot Books for Baby Gift Set
A perfect 'welcome home' for a new baby
Welcome a new baby into the world with Baby’s First Book, featuring Clare Beaton’s exquisite hand-sewn collages. Paired with a cuddly White Bunny Rabbit puppet, this gift set makes the perfect present and is presented in an eco-friendly, reusable green shopper tote with a gift tag to personalize.

For babies to 2 years

* * * * *

child with bubbles

B Activity:


* 1/4 c. dish soap, 1/2 c. water, 1 Tbs sugar) and blow them!

Baby Painting

* Add Baby Powder to the Finger Paint
* Paint with Baby Lotion
* Paint using Bottles full of paint

Bubble Prints

What You Need:

* Paint
* Dishwashing Liquid
* Straw

What You Do:

* Mix 1 part paint to 2 parts dishwashing liquid in a bowl. Have your children blow into the bowl with a straw. This will cause bubbles to form over the top of the bowl. Now have your kids put a piece of paper over the bowl in order to cause bubble prints to form

Note: Put a small hole near the top of the straw so that your children can not suck up the solution

Alternatively: Put several smaller containers containing different colors near each other. When your children put the paper over it. It will make cool colors.

Happy Reading!
~ LadyD

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