Office Makeover and CollageIt 3 Review

metal wall art

canvas wall art

office furniture

new office furnishings

A nearby apartment complex was having a "summer office furniture makeover." Much to my delight, I popped in with my camera, of course... and was pleased to find blue wall art and blue pillows. I especially like this shade of blue that's on the flower and tree. Do you have a specific style of wall art that you prefer? My mother-in-law loves anything 'metal.' I think I would like to try a canvas print.

For more beautiful blues, visit Blue Monday

CollageIt 3


Since I have been on my Nikon D200 journey, I enjoy experimenting with photo software. Currently I'm using CollageIt 3 and I put together some photos of the office furniture in this post, making a few photo collages that are 800 x 600. I love all the new features CollageIt 3 has to offer and give it 5 stars!

What I especially like is that there are a plethora of templates to choose from and the 'Free Mode' is easy to use with wonderful editing options. It's a GREAT app and fun, too. Best part is that you can share your work and send it off to friends and family via email or Facebook. I recommend it!

Here's the scoop.

CollageIt 3 Pro (Normally $29.90, now $9.99 on App Store after 70% off) is an easy-to-use and automatic app that helps you create eye-catching photo collages on Mac OS X. The free version of CollageIt 3 is a TOP 5 Photography app on App Store. It’s the latest version that retains all advantageous features of CollageIt Pro and adds many new features as well.

Key features include:

  • 45+ new templates and 4 collage styles: Mosaic, Grid, Center and Pile.
  • Simply add photos using “Random Layout” to generate layout automatically.
  • Use “Free Mode” to move, resize, rotate each photo.
  • Free to zoom in on collage, crop photo, adjust border of round corners, customize backgrounds, photo effects, etc.
  • Add text and edit its font, size, color, alignment, effects, etc.
  • Edit and preview collage with full-screen mode.
  • Save as image/PDF; set as wallpaper; share via Email or Facebook; print it out instantly.
photo collage

photo collage template

Of course, the wall art and refrigerator art this grandma saves is "Kid's Art" Here is one more example of the many templates CollageIt 3 has to offer. It's lots of fun to create!

Kid's Wall Art

Read what others are saying,

wall deco art
Photo Edit: Paint

photo editing process
Photo Edit: Light

wall art photo editing
Photo Edit: Classroom Background

Take a look at the original wall art in blue (first photo) and then you can see the steps (just a few) that I did to get the photo result I wanted in orange. Photos for Mandarin Orange Monday

Have a great week!

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Magic School Bus

magic school bus

Coloring Pages

Our elementary school district no longer provides bus transportation. That's o.k. because my grandson doesn't mind walking. It was a very successful first week of school, although I heard my grandson say that he missed his mommy and baby brother. It's a big transition and huge change to get used to. Of course, weekends are a very nice change in the schedule for everyone. How was it for you? Do you recall any memories of letting go as a mother and watching your kids board the bus? I cried, waving goodbye to my children, so very long ago.

blue school bus

Times are so different now. I remember walking one mile to school each way. I lived in the country, so it was a relaxing stroll but my Dad walked through the snow, of course living on the east coast. What were your school days like? Later on I rode the bus to high school and  I've taken a shuttle bus to the fair once.

school bus with photo editing

One of my favorite illustrators is Elizabeth Dulemba and she provides many coloring pages on her site. If you have the time, you might want to check it out. She's a great author and I was so happy to win one of her children's book awhile ago. Anyways, I had fun photo editing the school buses for Mandarin Orange Monday and Blue Monday, adding "shine," "multiply color" and "texture."

Here's the original:

coloring page sample

4 Songs: Lyrics and Chords

As a former kindergarten music teacher, I'm remembering these school bus songs.

1. Down At the Bus Stop
Sung to: Down By the Station

Down at the bus stop
G                 C
Early in the morning

See all the children,
G                   C
Everyone we know.

Waiting for the school bus
G                    C
Safely on the sidewalk,

Honk-honk, beep-beep,
G          C
Off we go.
(Credit: Judy Hall)

Granddaughter on YouTube, performing at 2 years old last Christmas! :=)

2. The Children On The Bus
Sung to: The Wheels On the Bus

The children on the bus sit nice and quiet,
C                       F
Nice and quiet, nice and quiet.

The children on the bus sit nice and quiet
C                        F
When we take a ride.

The children on the bus look out the window,
C                         F
Out the window, out the window.

The children on the bus look out the window
C                        F
When we take a ride.

The children on the bus stay in their seats,
C                   F
In their seats, in their seats.

The children on the bus stay in their seats
C                        F
When we take a ride.
(Credit: Cindy Dingwall)

3. To Our School
Sung to: Over the River and Through the Woods

Over the bridges and through the streets
     F          G7          C
It's to our school we go.
F                                 C
The drivers know the way to go
             G7                        C
As they drive us safe and slow.
Over the bridges and through the streets
    F            G7          C
In rain and sleet and snow.
          F                               G
They drive with care, they get us there
      G7                         C
As over the streets we go.
(Credit: Judy Hall)

4. Early Morning Schoolyard
Sung to: Down By the Station

Down by the schoolyard
G                C
Early in the morning,

See the yellow buses
G                   C
Lining up so well.

Dropping off the children
G                    C
Going to their classrooms,

Bong-bong, ding-dong,
G                C
There's the bell.
(Credit: Judy Hall)

Grandchildren walking to the local school  playing along the wall.

granddaughter walking to school

grandson walking to school

All the best,

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” — C. S. Lewis

Back to School with Super Mario

Backpack for Kindergarten

Super Mario Backpack

My grandson was hoping to have a Super Mario Backpack for Kindergarten! Thank you Target, for supplying Ryan's needs. We are all pretty excited about the big doings. Oh, we chuckle amongst ourselves about how all summer long Ryan has been enjoying the pool, sleeping in and that the reality is just around the corner for him... getting up early! You see, back to school in our district begins Monday, August 12th... TODAY! It will be a very exciting day for our grandson from 8:00 to 2:15!

Photos for Blue Monday

photo edit of grandson's school backpack

Here's the same backpack and you can see how the color changes with an Orton effect, along with a paper texture. I kind of like it! Photo for Mandarin Orange Monday

Here's Ryan and his cousin, Flora (who is 3) in the classroom at 'Meet and greet the teacher' day. All last week it seemed like I was in heaven watching 3 of my grandchildren. That's why I missed you last week but hopefully I'll be catching up!

grandchildren meeting the kindergarten teacher

There's a few songs we like to sing about school that go with familiar tunes you've sung before.

We Like to Come to School
sung to: The farmer In the Dell

We like to come to school,
We like to come to school.
Our school is such a happy place,
We like to come to school.

I Like to Go to School
Sung to: The farmer In the Dell

I like to go to school,
I like to go to school.
I like to go to school.

It's Time to Go to School
Sung to: She'll be Coming Round the Mountain

It is time to go to school, here we come,
It is time to go to school, here we come.
It is time to go to school,
We think school is pretty cool,
It is time to go to school, here we come.

I know I'll be taking lots of pictures at Ryan's school and afterwards. In my google search for photo templates, I found a plethora at Debbie's Living Montessori site, free-printables-for-first-day-of-school-photos. I'm sure I will find something great to use!

When is it happening where you are, you know... First Day of School?

Wishing all students everywhere a very happy, successful school year!


You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” — C. S. Lewis