Book Review: Fireside Stories by Caitlin Matthews

Fireside Stories

Tales for a Winter's Eve

Gather round the hearth to share these wintry tales. Drawn from countries and cultures all around the world, these eight stories express the magnificent and unique aspects of the winter season, and each story is preceded by an introduction with background information on its origins. 
Ages 5 and up
Retold By: CaitlĂ­n Matthews
Illustrated By: Helen Cann
About The Book:
Well-written, Educational, Multicultural, Stories, Great illustrations

When the wind starts howling and the days are noticeably shorter, it is time to stay inside and snuggle up with your children and read a good book! Starting around Halloween, Fireside Stories is the perfect book to read. The stories are well written and tell both young and old of holiday traditions from around the world. Children will love learning about other cultures and the stories act as a springboard for you to discuss your family's own holiday traditions and beliefs. 

A collection of stories woven into this beautiful hardcover book express the magnificent and unique aspects of the winter season. Caitlin Matthews lifelong interest in folklore and storytelling shows brilliantly through Fireside Stories along with Helen Cann's beautiful winter wonderland pictures. I especially love the colorful border designs that go with each special story!

By The Fireside begins with:
"When the nights grow long and the days grow short, when summer is a distant memory and the cold and darkness of winter an ever-present reality, it is good to sit by the fireside and tell stories." 
The Stories:
A Story for Halloween
The Lonely Boatman
A Story for the First Snowfall
The Winter Cabin
From "The Animal's Winter Home" in Alexander Afanasiev's collection The Three Kingdoms: Russian Folk Tales, Raduga Publishers.
A Story for Christmas Eve
Schnitzle, Schnotzle & Schnootzle
From Sawyer, Ruth, The Long Christmas, Viking Press.
A Story for the New Year
The Cantor Of The Trees
From Eisenberg, Azriel & Leah Ain Globe, The Secret Weapon and other stories of Faith and Valor, Soncino Press.
A Story for Midwinter
The Twelve Brothers
Czech Republic
From Williams, Harcourt, Tales from Ebony, Nattali & Maurice Ltd, London, 1947
A Story for Twelfth Night
From Robbins, Ruth, Baboushka and the Three Kings

A Story for the Return of the Sun
The Bag of Warmth
From "Legends of the Slavery Indians of the MacKenzie River" in The Journal of American Folklore
A Story for the Coming of Spring
The Cailleach Of The Snows
Mackenzie, Donald, Wonder Tales From Scottish Myth amd Legend, Blackie & Son Ltd, London
Matthews, Caitlin, King Arthur and the Goddess of the Land, Rochester IL., Inner Traditions.
Book can be purchased at my market place for $19.99
So tell me, do you have a favorite? Although our nights here in California may not be as chilly as where you are, still it is an enchanting evening for me to gather around a warm fire and read to my Grandson. So very difficult to choose a favorite because each story is unique and special in its own way... I suppose just like snowflakes!
Happy Reading,
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