Barefoot Living- My Story

I'm Diana and this is my story!
Once upon a time, I had a little girl. I thought I would give my Daughter a Greek name. Her very own name. Dena, is Greek for Diana. Dena loved reading books as a child. We went to the library every week. Books took Dena on all kinds of adventures. She had such a creative mind and great imagination. She had a pretend horse, named Lightning, that was part of a eucalyptus tree in our own backyard.
Many, many years passed, and as Valedictorian of her High School, Dena was soon off to Stanford. My Daughter continued her journey and passion for the love of books. She majored in English and went on to receive her Master's Degree. Dena taught school for many years and also worked for Publishers Group West, a book distributor for indie publishers.
Then Dena fell in love, was married and later on down the road, my Grandson was born! Now, it was my turn to buy my Grandson some new books. I loved stories set to music, so I bought some Putamayo Cds and everyone clapped and danced. We all had a good time.
One day, my Daughter called to tell me the news that she had found Barefoot Books! I could tell that she was so excited! Her passion for books was ignited again. Only this time she wanted to sell books, share books with her friends, schools, community and libraries! Her passion was so contagious that I started ordering books for my Grandson. Dena's book business is doing great and I'm so proud of her! September Challenge Winners, Dena Davis, Stallholders who placed an order with a qualifying value of $750/£400 or more were awarded a free hardcover copy of Hidden Hippo and a free Folkmanis African Wildlife Puppet Set. Congratulations Dena!
But wait, there's more to the story. Now I have two Grandsons, one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast. I'm a YaYa, Greek for Grandma! Barefoot Board Books are perfect for the younger Grandson. My older Grandson likes lap books, too. Everyone is happy!
I spend my days teaching piano to all ages. I've recently decided to sell Barefoot Books. Guess who I work for? Yep, my Daughter! Now it is my turn to tell others of these wonderful books in my community.
To me, Barefoot Living is celebrating the Circle of Life with the heart of the child that is in us all!
Enjoy Barefoot Books and happy reading!
Food, music and Opa!
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