You Are My Sunshine Songs

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Hope you are having a fabulous summer! The warm days are beautiful here in SoCal. Here are a few songs to share with you and the children while singing along to the tune, You Are My Sunshine.

The Square Song: Chords and Lyrics

(Sung to: You Are My Sunshine)

I am a square, a lovely square,
                   F                              C
I have four sides, they're all the same.
                   F                              C
I have four corners, four lovely corners,
                               G7      C
I am a square, that is my name.

Sunshine and Ocean Waves

Don't Forget the Day

Today is Friday, it's really Friday,
                     F                            C
From early morning, 'til late at night.
                       F                                  C
While we are working, while we are playing,
                          G7          C
Don't forget it's Friday today.

Gourd Mask: Barefoot Books-LadyD

I discovered this beautiful gourd mask at the gourd festival here in our area. It reminds me of the sun!

Happy Helpers

We need some helpers, some happy helpers
                   F                              C
To help us clean up the room today.

                      F                              C
We are your helpers, and we will help you
                   G7      C
Put all the toys away.

Bear in Sunshine: Board Book
Dena's Market Place

Right now this Board Book is in Spanish and on sale. Was $7.99 and now $4.00

Bear in Sunshine: Paperback
Dena's Book Store

This paperback book is $6.99 and also comes in various formats.

Do you have a favorite 'Sunshine Song'?

Happy Reading!

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