A Christmas Kitchen

dining room with table setting

'Tis December and I've already started to plan our Christmas dinner for 21 people. No, this is not my dining room but I wondered what your kitchen and eating room looks like...

Photos for Blue Monday and Mandarin Orange Monday

teapots on the stove

Photo Credit: Free Digital Photos

Of course, Christmas tea sounds delightful in the cozy blue teapot and a crock pot filled with hot apple cider. I can just smell the cinnamon in the air! A cousin is bringing sparkling apple cider for the children. Whether permitting, we'll be enjoying the outdoors as well. 

blue doll house

Photo Credit: Gracey

This charming blue doll house brings back memories. I remember having a miniature china dish set as a child. I would play "kitchen" each and every day! Did you have a doll house or kitchen set to play with?

cardboard kitchen for pretend play

One Christmas awhile back... well, we had purchased a wonderful kitchen set for our granddaughter. You pull it up and it expands and gets higher as they grow. It remains in her home but when she comes to visit us, I just had to make a cardboard kitchen for Flora to play with, along with these pretty blue plates. Isn't it amazing what things you'll find around the house for children to delight themselves in?!

Reindeer Sandwich

With 5 grandchildren running about, we'll pause for a "reindeer sandwich."

Victorian dining room

Whatever you decide to cook for that day (I'm thinking barbecued turkey/honey baked ham), I wish abundant joy and everlasting peace for the coming holiday.

I just love the song, Christmas Time Is Here. If you're interested in the chords, I've posted them, here.

Have a wonderful Christmas season!

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” -- C. S. Lewis

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