Kid's Choir

children's sunday school choir

Last Sunday we attended the children's Christmas Sunday School program. Their performance included 4 songs and I was able to make a video for you with Ryan singing his favorite song, Joy To The World. Which one is our grandson? Well, #17 of the San Diego Chargers! Hope you enjoy the music clip, especially watching the girls on the right hand side not singing and the boy in red jumping off the step, next to Ryan during his debut. It's so much fun to watch the children perform.

Do you remember participating in some type of musical event at school or church?

Kid's Choir Video: Joy To The World

Photos for Blue Monday

On top of experiencing a wonderful musical morning, we were delighted to see the San Diego Chargers winning their next couple of games. We have Charger Fever! Have a favorite team?

It's so much fun to see the individual classrooms at church. Thanks for visiting my blues!

kid's choir singing in church

For Mandarin Orange Monday, I chose the same kid's choir photo and added just a few steps.

Photo Edit Process

1. Water texture effect
2. Subtract image overlay

Have a wonderful Christmas season!

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