The Snow Sledding Boys

grandson playing in the snow

2 grandsons sledding

dad and son in the snow

grandsons sledding in the snow

dad's turn on the sled

boy on the snow bank

Our two grandsons and their dad are sledding on the east coast near their home. They continue to have snowfall and as you can see, the boys are having a blast in the snow wearing their snow buntings, snow gloves and snow shoes. It is so lovely to see. We are having warm temps here. Is it snowing where you are? Hope your Christmas was wonderful, like ours.

Photos for Blue Monday

Here are 5 children's books I recommend for some snow fun:

Snow Treasure (Marie McSwigan)

The Snow Globe Family (Jane O'Connor)

Snow! Snow! Snow! (Lee Harper)

The Snow Queen (Hans Christian Andersen)

photo editing

 Photo Editing

I added some hard lighting, along with some radiance and then painted the canvas. I love photography and I'm a novice at playing around in Adobe Photoshop Elements. I have found a professional mentor on line and look forward to learning more from Lori this new year.

Photo for Mandarin Orange Monday

Wishing everyone a blessed and Happy New Year!


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