High Five from Seal Choir

stack of harbor kayaks

Have you ever been in a kayak going down a wild river? I guess some of the ocean kayaks are hollowed out inside with a seat, designed to sit on the top, like this group of pretty blue ones. I've always wanted to try this. I'm putting it on my list of things to do! Maybe some paddle boarding, too.

harbor seals waving

I walked down to the edge of the harbor and found this happy family of seals giving us a "high five."
So cute and funny. Photos for Blue Monday. Saying goodbye to September!

photo edit of seals yesterday effect
Photo Effect: Yesterday Filter

photo editing of the harbor photo
Photo Effect: Soft Focus, Lomo

adding texture to photo
Photo Effect: Paint Texture

seal photo with water overlay
Photo Edit: Paint Texture, Water Overlay

seals on the harbor deck
Photo Edit: Orange Tint

There's just something soothing and so relaxing about resting on the dock! Like a September song on this last day of the month... introducing "Seal Choir" with a high five and a bark-bark!

Photos for Mandarin Orange Monday

So long September!

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