Goodbye Summer: Hello Fall

boat in the harbor

local surfer riding a wave

beach playground

I had two back-to-back outings last week as seen here in the photos. Made it to Oceanside Harbor to experience a cool sea breeze, drink in the water sites (Sea Trek, local surfer) and embrace many warm memories of our grandson playing in the sand... Goodbye Summer. What a wonderful season of sizzling temperatures and fun in the sun moments with family!

tree with orange leaves

cactus blooming

orange aloe vera

At the San Diego Safari Park there is a special Botanical Cactus Trail. The orange blooms and leaves reminded me of a new season approaching in all its orange splendor. It's a different contrast from Poplars, Liquid Amber trees and such varieties. I suspect the grouped Aloe Vera were burned by too much sun. I found the middle photo to be somewhat "corky" and funny. Silly blooms, yet marvelous creations found in nature. Hello Fall!

Here's my photo edit with lightning trails effect!

cactus photo edit

Photos for Blue Monday and Mandarin Orange Monday

How is it where you are?

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