Spiders and Agent Scarlett's Attache Case

Simple, repetitive structure to this great picture book.
We are teaching our grandson not to be afraid of silly spiders, as I mentioned in a previous post. Making crafts is one way of having delightful fun twisting black pipe cleaners into spider shapes, especially twisting the legs and of course adding those funny eyes.

Another restful, entertaining fun time is nestling with a few good books about spiders and Eric Carle's, The very Busy Spider is very engaging. Ryan loves to point to all the animals and name each one.

Children's Picture Book for Ages 2-5

A fun Children's Picture Book Story

Spiders, Spiders Everywhere!

Chidlren's Guide to Insects  and Spiders

 If you would like to participate in 5 a day Books, visit The Imagination Tree.

 Agent Scarlett's Attache Case

I came across a fun idea on how to decorate a small black briefcase or portfolio. 

Here is a list of supplies needed:

  1. 1 small black briefcase or portfolio
  2. Ruler
  3. 1-2 yards of narrow white ribbon
  4. Craft scissors
  5. Craft glue
  6. 1-2 yards of red and black polka-dotted ribbon
  7. Dark red marker
  8. A spider template
  9. 1 piece of red felt (for the spider)
  10. White pen or fabric marker
  11. 1 small piece of black felt
  12. Iridescent white glitter or glitter glue
So, what's in the bag? Oh, probably a magnifying glass, invisible ink, top-secret correspondence, and other crucial spy gear!

Here's the steps to make it

  1.  Study your briefcase and decide where you want the center of the spiderweb to be.
  2. Using your ruler, measure and cut one piece of the thin, white ribbon, so that it starts at the center of what will be your web and ends just beyond the edge of the bag.
  3. Glue the piece of ribbon in place and repeat the process in rotation, forming triangular wedges like slices of pie.
  4. Then cut and glue small pieces of the thin, white ribbon around the center point of the web to form the inner structure.
  5. Repeat this process, forming a second shape around the first one.
  6. Now cover up the ends of the web strands by trimming the outer edges of your attache case with the red and black polka-dotted ribbon. (It's good to start and finish gluing at the bottom of the case so that the ends are hidden.)
  7. While the glue is drying, mark and cut out your spider pieces, using the spider template. Make sure to use the red felt for the main part of the body bag and legs. Use the white pen when marking your black felt (so that you can see the line).
  8. Next, glue your spider gal layers together (red-black-red).
  9. Now, sparkle up your web by dabbing glue at intersecting pieces of white ribbon and then sprinkling glitter on those spots.
  10. Position Agent Scarlett on her shimmery web and glue her in place!
Now, for the boys that's easy... a Spiderman Backpack!


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