5 a Day Books: Space Theme

5 a Day Books: Space Theme

 I Wish I Were a Pilot (Board Book)

Wish your way through race car tracks, wavy seas and even star-filled space. Travelers of all sorts are featured in this imaginative book that includes educational notes about each of the modes of transportation featured in the rhyming text.
Ages 1 to 4 years 

Written By: Stella Blackstone
Illustrated By: Max Grover

* This book gives you a quick look at several exciting professions and methods of transportation such as Pilot, Train Engineer, Race Car Driver, Astronaut, Cowboy, etc. There are bright colored illustrations and an engaging story for your little ones. See more at my market place.


Star Seeker (Hardcover and Paperback)

A Journey to Outer Space

Journey through the night sky on a poetic trip that blends adventure, imagination and science to teach the basics of our solar system. Includes endnotes about the planets, stars, moons, constellations and even a little mythology. The hardcover edition includes a poster of the solar system.
Ages 5 to 11 years 

Written By: Theresa Heine
Illustrated By: Victor Tavares

* My Review: Sparks The Imagination

Easy to read, Educational, Colorful, Great illustrations
What a great way to travel the Solar System! This is an easy to read book with colorful illustrations from Victor Tavares. Each page sparks the imagination. Perhaps you will bake ginger cookies on Venus or throw a frisbee at Uranus. Maybe with your lunar lasso you'll loop Saturn's bright rings. Theresa Heine's poetic language is a fun way to learn about our solar system.

I Took the Moon for a Walk 

(Hardcover and Large Format Board Book)

Embark on a dreamy, nighttime jaunt with a young boy and the moon. Overcoming a fear of the dark and discovering the world at night lives at the heart of this poetic tale. Includes notes about the moon and plants and animals that thrive in the wee hours. 
Ages 1 to 7 years 

Written By: Carolyn Curtis
Illustrated By: Alison Jay
 * A charming story and a great bedtime book! This is one of my favorites and the illustrations are lovely. I recommend this one to preschool teachers.

Up, Up, Up! 

(Hardcover with Music CD and Paperback with Enhanced CD)

This airborne adventure takes readers ballooning over lands near and far, all the way to the stars. The charming singalong song on the accompanying CD keeps spirits high, while the rhyming and playful text introduces all sorts of settings and vocabulary-building words.

Book with enhanced CD edition includes an animated video and audio singalong sung by Susan Reed.
Ages 3 to 7 years 

Written By: Susan Reed
Illustrated By: Rachel Oldfield

  I Could Be, You Could Be (Hardcover)

What would you like to be today? Join two children as they use their imaginations to become everything from astronauts to aliens. Includes instructions on how to make masks out of recycled materials.
Ages 2 to 6 years 

Written By: Karen Owen
Illustrated By: Barroux 

* Unfortunately this one is out of stock and I haven't had the opportunity to order this one. If you are interested in seeing the pages to any of the Barefoot Books, you will want to visit http://ladyd.barefootbooks.com

In my collage I listed The Tear Thief and The Princess and The White Bear King books as well.

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