Review: Driving My Tractor by Jan Dobbins

Driving My Tractor
Chug along with a farmer and his tractor on this multi-season animal adventure! A busy farmer picks up fifteen animals along his route, but when his trailer hits a stone, chaos ensues. This colorful book combines simple counting instruction with humor, repetition and rhythm to encourage learning fun. Book with CD edition includes song sung by acclaimed children’s performer SteveSongs.

Ages 2 to 5 years

Written By: Jan Dobbins

Illustrated By: David Sim

Format: Hardcover 32 pages

ISBN: 1846863589
ISBN13: 9781846863585

Sung By: SteveSongs

My Review: Follow a farmer with his tractor and trailer as he goes around his farm - combines simple counting skills with a catchy song and a singalong CD. Education Market: This colorful book combines simple counting skills and fun farm animals to keep early readers entertained. Gift Market: This is a must-have early years picture book for farm shops, transport museums and every outlet whose customers care about the land and where food comes from! It travels through the seasons with illustrations that show the farming year. It includes a section on farm machinery. Vocalist Mark Collins is also the voices behind Barefoot's Bestselling Portside Pirates.

Being a local farmer and avocado grower in my area, I give this book 5+ stars! It is so rewarding to grow your own food and to educate and teach the children where food comes from! I sell avocados at our local Farmer's Market and I'm always meeting lots of friendly people from all over.

The music CD is a wonderful, zippy song that immediately you and your children will be fond of and eager to join in. The full length colorful illustrations are gorgeous with the pictures of the seasons and the farm machinery section is very informative, too. I highly recommend this adorable hardcover book with CD for $16.99 to you! Visit my marketplace to order on line.

~ LadyD

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