Kudos to Barefoot Books: Kid's Kitchen Review

As a barefoot Books Ambassador, I ordered a fairly new product from the company and was delighted and pleased with the deck containing 40 sturdy 6″x8″ cards of vegetarian recipes. Sure go ahead, you can add the meat if you want to. This is a good way to get kids involved without the cutting and the heat. Plus, children will learn food facts and info about vitamins/minerals.

Here's a sample list you'll find inside:

* Eggs 'n' Beans
Hummus Dippers

* Fantastic Fruit
Apple Volcanoes
Toppling Tomatoes (I can smell the basil!)
Yummy Hot Bananas

* Milk 'n' Dairy
Tropical Milkshake

* Spuds 'n' Grains
Mellow Yellow Rice
Pizza Party

* Vital Vegetables
Roasted Ratatouille
Picnic Kebobs
Mean Green Guacamole

Kids' Kitchen
40 Fun and Healthy Recipes to Make and Share
Step into the kitchen for some child-friendly fun with food. The forty recipes in this colorful deck are based around the five main food groups, and offer a healthy and exciting way to learn about cooking.

Ages 8 and up

Written By: Fiona Bird

Illustrated By: Roberta Arenson

Roberta Arenson is an artist specializing in collage illustrations for children's books and products. She works with painted paper and mixed media, using colors, shapes and patterns to create her rich collages. Ms. Arenson conducts art workshops for grade-school children as well as adults. Visit her website:


Fi Bird is a mother of six and a past Masterchef finalist who has always had a passion for cooking. She is self taught with an approach to food based on knowledge of tight budgets and limited time. When, time permits she will complete an MSc in food policy. A member of the Guild of Food Writers, Fi has written extensively - articles, recipes and as a campaigner both for healthier diets and for cookery teaching at Primary schools. Fi and Dr Stephen Bird are the founders of Stirrin'Stuff which works in partnerships, to educate children about food. Stirrin'Stuff is committed to sustainable development and ethical best practice. Fi develops recipes for Tern television and writes for Country Kitchen Magazine, Green Parent, Organiclife and an occasional parenting column in the Scotsman. Fi and her daughter, Lili Bird have a fortnightly mother and daughter food column, in the Aberdeen Press and Journal.


5 stars... thumbs up for a fun, safe, delicious approach for kids in the kitchen!


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