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If you're like me, watching Sunday and Monday night football is not complete unless you are eating some type of pretzel whether it is round, rod, or sticks! This reminds me of Barefoot Books offering flash cards with 50 fun yoga activities for kids and their families.

Stretch your way to a fun and healthy lifestyle with each of the fifty yoga poses in this colorful deck. Written by Yoga Ed., these cards include forward bends, back bends, partner poses, and balance poses.

Founded by Tara Guber, Yoga Ed. develops and produces health and wellness courses, trainings and products for teachers, parents, children and health professionals that improve academic achievement, physical fitness, emotional intelligence and stress management.

The illustrations are beautifully made by Sophie Fatus. The Yoga Deck Cards are $14.99 and you can order them at:

For more information on Yoga Ed, please visit their website:

For other related posts, see my review of My Daddy Is A Pretzel at:

Also Robin from Barefoot Books is giving away a copy of Yoga Pretzels. You may want to stop by her blog for a chance to win!

Happy Stretching!
~ LadyD

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  1. Hello there, I did not realize you were a Barefoot Books Ambassador too! thank you for the mention on our giveaway. Although Yoga pretzels has been given away already, I am now giving away a copy of The Faery's Gift...details to be posted later today. Thanks so much again.


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