Celebrate Father's Day with June Special Offers!

Celebrate Father's Day with June Special Offers!

Father's Day Favorites
From a crazy shopping adventure to an all-ages introduction to yoga, these specially discounted books are all great to share with Dad!

Here are your Special Offers for June:

* Shopping with Dad £8.99 HB/ $13.99 HC

* My Daddy is a Pretzel £4.99 PB/ $12.99 HC

* Yoga Pretzels £7.99/$13.99

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* Yoga Planet £7.99/$13.99
* Journey Home from Grandpa's £2.99 PB/$3.99 PB

Young travelers will delight in this colorful journey. Along the way from country to city, they'll learn about different colors and modes of transportation, and sing along with Fred Penner to the catchy road-trip song.

* Bear's Busy Family £3.99 BB/$4.99 BB

As young readers follow Bear around his home, they will learn about all kinds of different household activities! With many first learning themes, an easy-to-memorize rhyming text, and a useful family tree, Bear's Busy Family offers many opportunities for interactive projects with young children.
* The Beeman £3.99 PB/$5.99 PB
* The Barefoot Book of Pirates £6.99 PB w CD/$11.99 PB w CD

* The Barefoot Book of Monsters! £8.99 HB/$15.99 HC
* The Story Tree £6.99 PB w CD/$15.99 HC w CD

This delightful collection of tales from around the world includes favorites like "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" (Norwegian) as well as less familiar stories such as "The Blue Coat" (Jewish) and "The Sweetest Song" (African-American). Hugh Lupton's engaging narrative quickly draws young readers into each story, while Sophie Fatus's quirky illustrations will have children laughing in their seats, ensuring hours of entertainment.
* Jack and the Beanstalk £7.99 HB w CD/$6.99 PB w CD

* Grandfather Mountain

* Grandfather Mountain US ONLY $12.99 HC

A delightful companion volume to our bestselling Grandmothers' Stories, Grandfather Mountain explores what it means to be a grandfather. Our grandfathers are the tellers of stories, passing on the knowledge they have accumulated over the years, and sharing the lessons they've learned from the grandfathers who have gone before them, who in turn received them from their elders.

This is a unique anthology, which presents adventures of well-known gods and heroes taken from cultures all over the world, and explores the quests that challenge all males as they take the step into manhood.

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* Journey home From Grandpa's

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