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Listen carefully to all the wonderful sounds of the different seasons, from summer's sizzling sun to winter's crunching snow. I am delighted to share with you a new lap book I've discovered. Phillis Gershator is the author of Listen, Listen and you'll find breath taking illustrations by Alison Jay. This book will open your child's eyes and ears to the world around them!
When I look at the magnificent artwork throughout the book, I am immediately transported to Italy. There is such a European country charm woven throughout this wonderful book. You will learn about all the animals that come with summer. Then there's the sounds of birds and squirrels with fall approaching. We go into the winter season with mistletoe and a mouse but then once again spring arrives with flower bulbs, bunnies and rainbows. A wonderful, educational and very visual book for $14.99 I highly recommend this book. 5+stars!

Phillis Gershator has written more than twenty-five books for children. She has worked as a children's librarian and enjoys cooking, gardening, and especially reading. Phillis lives in the U.S. Virgin Islands with her husband and frequent co-author, David.

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"Listen, listen...what's that sound? Insects singing all around!"--Listen, Listen
* Product Details:
Written by: Phillis Gershator
Illustrated by: Alison Jay
Read Alone: Ages 4-7
Read Together: Ages 0-4
Hardcover; Jacketed; full-color illustrations; 32pp;
10 x 10 inches
Item No. 9781846860843

* Alison Jay
Alison Jay lives and works in London, England. A graduate in illustration from the London College of Printing, Alison has been illustrating children's books for ten years. To create her unique style, she uses alkyd oil paint on paper with a crackling varnish, which gives her illustrations an antique, nostalgic quality.
Recent praise:
"Jay’s stylized pictures, with the texture of ancient frescos, are a window into a world in which the buzz of an insect and the whoosh of the wind lend surprising emotion. Illustrations filled with snowmen, anthropomorphized animals, and people running through a leaf-swept field will make children long to discover what is just over a hill or around the next bend. Capturing a summer idyll reading in a hammock with the same care as a warm evening by the fireplace, Jay invests each image with both joy and melancholy. This jewel of a book will draw children back again and again"—Booklist, STARRED REVIEW
"In this ode to the seasons, the sights and sounds of a picturesque country village are artfully evoked. Under the summer sun, 'Leaves rustle, hammocks sway. Splish, splash, children play.' In autumn, 'Pumpkins ripen, quick, quick. Apples, corn—pick, pick.' During winter, 'Crunch, crunch, boots clomp. Grown-ups shovel, children romp./Skaters spin, skiers glide. Zip, zoom, slip, slide.' When spring arrives, 'Pop, pop, bulbs sprout. Leaves grow, flowers shout.' Jay's crackled-varnish paintings have a nostalgic, folk-art quality. The rhyming, onomatopoeic text wraps around the busy scenes, and the words and art together provide a smooth transition between the seasons: 'summer's gone' is illustrated with a swarm of insects buzzing off the page. An appended 'can you see' game encourages close examination of the changing landscapes. Children will be inspired to 'listen, listen' in their own environments."—School Library Journal

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