Preschool Book Review- I Dreamt I Was A Dinosaur

If you're looking for an adorable book for preschoolers, I found it for you! I have enjoyed reading I Dreamt I Was A Dinosaur to my 13 month old Grandson. This adorable book takes you on a journey to dinosaur land. Which one would you like to be? I was familiar with many types of dinosaurs except for a new one, Parasaurolophus.

Throughout the book, the illustrator, Clare Beaton, will delight you with her fabric creations. The volcano with the sequins for lava is especially creative.

Author, Stella Blackstone continues to impress me with her rhyme writing style. Toddlers and preschoolers will safely land in bed to find "it was only a dream!" What I especially love with this particular book is that there is a surprise cleverly woven throughout each page! You will find no evolution here!

I Dreamt I Was a Dinosaur by Stella Blackstone and Clare Beaton

If you could be a dinosaur, which would you be? Would you roar like the ferocious T-Rex? Or soar overhead like the pterodactyl? In this playful early-learning book, Stella Blackstone's lyrical, rhyming text takes readers on an unforgettable Jurassic journey, while fabric artist Clare Beaton recreates the prehistoric world of dinosaurs using a colorful array of felt, sequins, beads and buttons.

* Product Details

Written by: Stella Blackstone
Illustrated by: Clare Beaton
Read Alone: Ages 4-9
Read Together: Ages 0-4
Hardcover; Full-color illustrations; 32pp;
10.25 x 10 inches
Item No. 9781841482385

$15.99 Also in Board Book $4.99

I dreamt I was a dinosaur.
You should have seen me romp and roar!

Children will be introduced to many colorful illustrated dinosaurs such as:

* Sammy Stegosaurus

* Kay Camarasaurus

* Jess Triceratops

* Paolo Parasaurolophus

* Toby Pterodactyl

* Hilary Hadrosaur

* Rex the Wrecker

* What Others Say:

"This is easily one of the most adorable dinosaur books out there for the preschool- primary crowd."—School Library Journal

I highly recommend this book for the little ones and the price is right for a very cute, durable book... $4.99 To order book,

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