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 My husband and I went on a quick road trip (about a 1 1/2 hour drive) to Palm Springs. It was great to see the place again since I hadn't been back there for quite sometime. Mostly I saw palm trees and lots of stores to shop in... but I did come across this Greek restaurant sign. No, we didn't eat here but we managed to go to a fresh seafood restaurant later on that day. It was funny (yet sad) to spot this Justin Bieber sign in a local store window, too. By the way... I've posted 2 Greek recipes on Pinterest Board: Greek Food.

Everything was real nice there, especially seeing the statue of Marilyn Monroe. Plus, the Red Hat Society gals were having a convention in Palm Springs! That was a special treat to see and I especially loved seeing my cousin Peter performing in a local play about a true story. The author of The Yearling was being sued for using the names and backgrounds of local town people in Florida. The play is called, Invasion of Privacy.

Lots of blue photos for Blue Monday

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