Quilts and Editing

photo editing of child's quilt

The photo of the quilt was edited by inverting the colors. So here we have Tinker Bell in blue. This is a bit different and not my favorite but you get the idea that you can reverse the colors. The original fabric is purple. Photo for Blue Monday.

Fairy, fairy, in the garden,
Will you come tonight?
Dancing in the cool moonlight,
All silver sparkling white!
Fairy, fairy, in the garden,
Will you come tonight?
Dancing in a little ring,
What magic will you bring?
Fairy, fairy, in the garden,
Did you come last night?
I can tell that you were here,
My little fairy dear!
(sung to the tune of Mary, Mary Quite Contrary)

quilt pattern rising sun

Hopefully, all the little fairies have danced with the moonlight before the 'rising sun' quilt appears!

handmade doll blankets

I had lots of flannel pieces of fabric saved. These little remnants were perfect for doll blankets .

Tinker Bell quilt for granddaughter

Here is the original Tinker Bell Quilt. Her wings are a slight turquoise blue. I put a saw-tooth border around the edge so that the pointed triangles would go with the fairy wings.

quilt photo editing color

adding weave to the picture

The Tinker Bell quilt now has a new look in reddish-orange, with a weave added for texture.
Mandarin Orange Monday

quilt for boys

Now my grandsons would like a music quilt. I think the shades of rust and gray look nice together.

Have you made a quilt before or own a few? I have made so many over the years and have given them to my children and grandchildren. Each one tells a story and I like that.

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