Mrs. Moon Lullabies for Bedtime

Grandson reading his favorite Barefoot Book
 Our daughter and son-in-law just returned from a 2 week vacation to Mexico. They celebrated their Christmas there with family. Over the next few weeks or so I'd like to post some photos that fit in with these photo memes. Have you ever been to Mexico or South America before? It is such a wonderful place to visit and I think it's less expensive than a vacation to Hawaii. I've been so fortunate to travel to both areas but have never experienced a cruise before. We either took the plane to Maui, of course, or drove down, in the camper, to the Sea of Cortez when the kids were young. Indeed, we are a fishing family and love barbecue Durado, Mahi Mahi and fresh, homemade corn tortillas!
Grandson, asleep under the Christmas tree.
Blue Monday
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Noah falling asleep reminds me of a very cool Barefoot Book:

Beautiful Hardcover Book with CD

Mrs. Moon Lullabies for Bedtime

At the end of a long day, whether you've been working inside or outside, it's time to come inside now. Settle down for quiet time with a lovely story and a cd of lullabies playing in the background. Are you familiar with "Mrs.Moon Lullabies for Bedtime"? 

I'm talking about a collection of 23 songs, sweet lullabies that calm you, ease you into a restful sleep. Soothing old and new songs played on acoustic instruments, you'll hear mostly guitar, keyboard, banjo, harmonica and accordion, accompanied with wonderful voices in harmony. The simplicity of melodies will transport you to another land, another place in time. 

Now the book is beautifully illustrated by fabric artist Clare Beaton. Clare Beaton worked at the BBC for eight years, illustrating on many children's television programs. She has become a famous illustrator and has created nearly fifty books. I love her illustrations in this particular book. Each object or person in the story has an appearance of felt surrounded with the blanket stitch. 

Dana Kletter is the author of Mrs.Moon Lullabies for Bedtime. Music has always shaped her life. She writes fiction and her reviews can be found in The Boston Phoenix and The San Francisco Chronicle. She lives here in the States. Dana founded the bands Blackgirls and Dish. Her voice is incredibly beautiful to listen to. 

This book, Mrs. Moon Lullabies for Bedtime, is part of the PBS Parents Collection. 

Do you remember these words?

"Hush-you-bye, don't you cry, Go to sleepy, little baby. When you wake, you shall have All the pretty little horses." This is one of my favorites in addition to Rock-a-Bye, Baby. This book will truly provide the sweetest of dreams to all the children everywhere. 

Read It Alone: Ages 4-7
Read It Together: Ages 0-4

Hardcover with CD; full-color illustrations; 48pages
Price $19.99 and sweet, peaceful dreams! 

 If you look closely, you will find a fabric ball I made. I made them for all my grandchildren. They are  so easy to make and in different sizes and color patterns, too! Here's the Free Pattern

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  3. Your grandson is so cute!!!

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  4. That red rug grandson is lying on is very attractive. Did you knit it?

  5. Thanks ladies for stopping by. Ann, the tree skirt is not handmade (store purchase) but my grandson sure is priceless!

  6. He is so cute and so independent:)

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