Blue Monday: The Pacific Ocean

Paddle Board, West Coast - Pacific Ocean
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Lifeguard Truck - Oceanside Harbor
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 Each week I try to incorporate a few of my photos along with books that I am reading to my grandchildren. We seem to have gathered quite a few board books and picture books along the way for our personal, home library. Not to mention visiting our local library once a week, provides lots of reading material for our family.

We've had some lovely weather lately, so we always enjoy a walk along the harbor and my camera always goes with me. I was fortunate to see this lone paddle boarder surrounded by the deep blue sea, along with a community service truck ready to rescue, just in case.

Barefoot Books Board Book: $6.99

Ship Shapes

Spot the shapes on top of rolling waves and on sandy shores. This sea-based early learning selection features rhyme and repetition, as well as a full page summarizing the shapes for reinforced learning.
Ages 1-4

Written By: Stella Blackstone

Illustrated By: Siobhan Bell

My Review:

From Little Fish to Sea Creatures
June 23, 2009
Easy to read, Educational, Colorful, Great illustrations
Children and parents will be delighted with discovering together so many shapes, sizes and sea creatures! You will love the fabric and quilt artwork. What a fun adventure!

As always, book purchase online here.

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Have a great week ahead!

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” — C. S. Lewis
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