Leonardo's Secret

Leonardo's Secret - A New Children's Fiction Book

Clean Up Your Act

This is the first in a series of children’s fiction books to follow the life of “Tuttle the Turtle”. A turtle who lived so long, he evolved into an independent thinking and speaking mastermind. Follow Tuttle as he influences many famous and sometimes infamous people throughout history.

When young Leonardo da Vinci, a busboy, was asked to make turtle soup, one of the turtles begged for his life! It was Tuttle. Tuttle, tried to convince Leonardo that there is a big world out there, and he could show him all about it, if he would just take a chance.

Through humor and chaos, Leonardo’s inventions come to life, only to find out that everyone one else sees them for something different in the end.

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Similar to this but not animated, is Barefoot Books own:

For ages 7 and up, $16.99

The Genius of Leonardo

Travel back in time to see what it may have been like to work with Leonardo Da Vinci. Told through the eyes of his young apprentice, the story is enhanced by many of Leonardo's original words and sketches.

"Serves as good background material for anyone studying da Vinci in history class. Wonderful illustrations add to the history that is brought by da Vinci's own quotes and drawings." -- Allison M.

I personally have sold many copies of this particular book, The Genius of Leonardo, to ages 8-11 and many adults buy it as a gift to themselves! It's a beautiful coffee table book, too.

"The approach of telling the story of Leonardo DaVinci from the perspective of his young assistant makes this an entertaining read for boys and girls alike, especially the scientifically inclined. But, science isn't the main topic -- rather, the subtle, sophisticated storytelling weaves the science among the main story of Leonardo the man, not the inventor, revealing his mysterious personality along with his genius. The illustrations of Leonardo's work as well as those illustrating the story are excellent!"
-- Kathy Stupar

 You can order a copy online at http://ladyd.barefootbooks.com

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