Rainbow Turkey Rests

Twist 12 colorful pipe cleaners.

Bend upwards and fan out tail feathers.

Bend upwards, then downwards the other end for head and glue eyes.

Cut orange felt beak and 1"red rick rack.

You can put treats in the middle. I used pine cones for the music rest.

 At Anny's Kindergarten we are learning when to play the beats of the music with our rhythm sticks and when not to play. (rest) In music class, we have learned:

Quarter Rest = 1 count
Half Rest = 2 counts
Whole Rest = 4 counts.

The Rainbow Turkey Rests are holding a half rest. They look like a hat. We will have a much deserved, one week break for a Thanksgiving vacation. How will it be for you... will you be having a time out?

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  1. these are wonderful colorful turkeys! Thanks for sharing this on the sunday showcase. I look forward to seeing what you'll share this week.



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