Giveaway: CollageIt (Photo Maker for Mac)

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I made this photo collage with CollageIt for Mac... easy to do!

Kathy from Pearl Mountain Software contacted me about hosting a giveaway to a fantastic tool called, CollageIt for Mac 1.40 which is easy to use, an automatic photo collage maker for Mac OS X. It allows treasured photographs to become an inspiring photo collage in less than one minute. It automatically creates works of art making it suitable for people of all level skills. I really enjoy using the software. I'm very grateful to the company for finding me. Now, I want to share it with you!

Here's a list of the features:

1. Generate collage in an automatic way

Click “Generate Preview” button, CollageIt for Mac will create photo collage automatically according to the added photos and parameters without any manual adjustment.

2. Easy-to-Use

Easy enough for users of all experienced levels to use. Pretty collage will be made by just a few mouse clicks.

3. Just 3 steps required

Just 3 steps to make a collage: add photos-> set parameters and generate preview->save collage as image file.

4. Provide enhanced features and functionality to create diverse types of collage

Support creating collage with few photos to 100 photos. The "Auto rotation mode" and "Sparse mode" make the collage more varied.

5. Realtime preview, super speed

Preview the final collage in one second.

6. Variable parameters

Photo count, photo space, photo frame, shadow, page margin, auto rotation mode, sparse mode, page size and background setup.

7. Save and share collage

Save the collage in common image formats such as bmp, jpeg, png, tga, tif etc to share with your friends and family.

8. Freedom

Free for personal use with no trial periods, ads, spyware, viruses, trojans, or stds.

I love using CollageIt and the timing is right with the holidays arriving with family and friends. I especially like adding colorful borders around my collage. The company offers a wonderful variety of designs to choose from for any occasion.

The other feature that I use often is the amount of pictures to use. With scenery, sometimes I'll choose just 4 photos. I simply drag the photo onto the marked box and take a look at it. If I've changed my mind with the location, it's easy to slide the photo into another box for a totally different perspective.

The added bonus is that you are in control of what you want your collage to look like. That means, adjusting the width of the margins, inner and outside. The total finished product is always a delight because you create it yourself!

Best wishes to all the winners. Good luck everyone.

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  1. Thanks for the chance at a great giveaway, I would love to win this because i love creating scrapbook albums for my nieces and nephews and i could see how this would make them even more awesome!

  2. Congratulations Catherine! You're the winner!!


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