Happy St. Patrick's Day from Barefoot Books- LadyD!

St. Patrick's Day is an enchanted time
a day to begin transforming
winter's dreams into summer's magic.
Adrienne Cook
I absolutely love Marilyn Scott Waters website! Looking for directions for making special St. Patrick's Day goodies?

A Dancing Fairie

This little fairie will spin on a pencil when you blow softly. She will also dance nicely on a twig out in the garden in a warm Spring breeze.
Stop by her site, The Toy Maker

A Window to Fairyland

Come fairies,
take me out of this dull world,
for I would ride with you
upon the wind and dance
upon the mountains like a flame!
W.B. Yeats.
Barefoot Books offers CDs for gift giving. I have a vast collection of playground music from many countries. Have you heard of this one?

Celtic Dreamland CD

Drift into a peaceful nighttime sleep with these lyrical songs for bedtime or relaxation. Drawn from the Celtic traditions of Ireland, Scotland, eastern Canada and beyond, the ten songs are accompanied by extensive liner notes in English, Spanish, French and German.
For all ages
Produced By: Putumayo World Music
Audio Listen 
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