The Barefoot Book of Knights by John Matthews and Illustrator Giovanni Manna

 Such a marvelous turn out we had at the Friday Market. I was pleased to see so many special Grandmother's shopping for books and puppets for their Grandchildren's Easter baskets!

To prepare for an upcoming event, I've already started making bean bags from soft, green corduroy. You know, it's a cotton-filling pile fabric with lengthwise cords or ridges.
Sewing with all different shades of green fabric for book bags reminded me of another Barefoot Book:

The Barefoot Book of Knights

Embark on medieval adventures with the seven stories in this multicultural, knightly collection. The stories emphasize the importance of bravery, cooperation, humor and recognition of weaknesses. Book with CD editions include stories read by actor Anthony Stewart Head.
Ages 8 and up
Retold By: John Matthews
John Matthews Website 
Illustrated By: Giovanni Manna
Narrated By: Anthony Head
 Wonderfully well written tales about Knights from seven different countries, all linked together by the story of Tom, the Page. As Tom learns the values and skills of the knights, he is mentored by Master William, who tells him the stories in this book. Each story is adventurous, clever and highlights the good values and chivalry of the knights.
Great art by Giovanni Manna... love his work! See more  of his illustrations:
You and Me

Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly

The Barefoot Book of Knights by John Matthews, illus. by Giovanni Manna, a collection of seven stories from as many nations, is framed as a series of anecdotes told to a young page. Full-page and vignette ink-and-watercolor illustrations resurrect a bygone era, offering a glimpse of landscapes and architecture from Russia to Japan.
Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information, Inc. 

From School Library Journal

Grade 3-5-This book introduces Tom, a 10-year-old who is beginning his training at a castle, gives some historical information about knights and knighthood, and then returns to the boy. There is almost no real story line to his experiences. Certain events, such as disliking kitchen work, prompt Master William to tell a story to assist him in understanding the role and behavior of knights. All of the tales are adaptations of knight tales from around the world and all of them teach a lesson. This is not the best introduction to chivalry, knighthood, or the folklore surrounding it. The author does give sources but these are not the best adaptations available. The illustrations are quite stylized. In color, with some good detail, they often have an odd perspective. Characters seem to be always looking out of the corners of their eyes and their faces are a strange shape. Too many angles create an uncomfortable feeling. There are many great books on knighthood and many great collections of folklore representing this period in history, making this one unnecessary in most libraries.
Susan Lissim, Dwight School, New York City
Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information, Inc.

Wonderful news regarding the hardcover version of this book:  On sale from $19.99 now $4.99 
Yes, as you know, I have my own portable book store. I love doing fundraisers for local schools in my community and hosting book parties as well. If you are interested in becoming a Barefoot Books Ambassador, just send me an email. Also, you might want to stop by my market place, click on the pages and order a book. Yes, I will get credit... thank you!
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Watch out for dragons blowing fire. Hide your treasure and lock up your princesses! Wait a second, what are we scared of? Barefoot book of Knights will save us! :) 
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Take off your shoes and go barefoot!
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