What is the Business Story Behind Barefoot Books?

What is the business story behind Barefoot Books? 

How did it grow from an idea to an award-winning independent children's book publisher whose books are read by millions of families around the world? 

Find out our history by listening to Nancy Traversy's inspiring interview.

How does a woman with a background in banking start and grow a children’s publishing business based on 5 core values, move continents and inspire literacy and responsibility for our planet all while raising 4 young children? In this interview, Nancy Traversy shares how creating Barefoot Books has made a difference in the lives of children around the world and discusses the Ambassador Program, the newest segment of her business which lets moms have their own business selling magnificent children’s books, puzzles and more.  Nancy shares with us how she created a business that empowers children through art and story, to protect and preserve the earth for future generations.

You can listen to the interview at  http://www.inspiredlivelihood.com/inspired-entrepreneurs/

 Learn about Fun First Steps

Learn about so much more from this wonderful company... about building community with acceptance and a library of beautiful books. Plus, inspiring creativity in children to discover their talents and gifts.
I love hearing Nancy's vision and outreach for Ambassador's spreading the word on quality Barefoot Books.

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