Folkmanis Puppets

Another wonderful gift giving idea that you'll find at my market place are puppets.
Many of the items that I sell besides children's books and puzzles include the  Folkmanis Puppets. People are always commenting on how beautiful they are and are interested in getting some themselves!  I have been offering Folkmanis Puppets for sale at the farmer's market, home parties and school fundraisers! You can purchase a selection from me at most events I do, and through this web-site
or contact me for pricing on a puppet I may not have in stock and I'll probably be able to order it for you!
Here's a list of puppets that are in stock:
Fairy Rose Finger Puppet $9.99  (out of stock)
Tooth Fairy Finger Puppet $9.99
White Rabbit Hand Puppet $9.99
 Lady Bug Puppet $12.99 (out of stock)
Bee Puppet $14.99
Tiger Cub Hand Puppet $22.99
Standing Polar Bear Hand Puppet $19.99
Princess Hand Puppet $17.99
Prince Hand Puppet $17.99
Lion Stage Puppet $19.99
Zebra Stage Puppet $19.99
Giraffe Stage Puppet $19.99
 Woolly Sheep Puppet $19.99
Red Dragon Puppet $19.99
African Wildlife Finger Puppet $21.99 (out of stock)
Panda Puppet $27.99
Donkey Puppet $27.99
Scarlet Macaw Puppet $27.99
 Llama Puppet $39.99
Goat Puppet $29.99

The puppets are very life-like and so adorable!

Take off your shoes and go barefoot!
~ LadyD
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