A Forest of Stories- Magical Tree Stories from Around the World

One of my favorite reads is Forest of Stories! I have lived in a Eucalyptus grove and an Avocado grove. I love the sights and smells of a forest full of trees, don't you? Have a look at this splendid book!
Forest of Stories
Magical Tree Tales from Around the World
Retold by: Rina Singh
Illustrated by: Helen Cann
"Trees as a unifying theme work wonderfully in this volume filled with seven simply told tales."—Kirkus Reviews

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This unique collection of folktales, compiled by Rina Singh, encourages us to rethink our relationship with trees through the telling of fantastic tales filled with dancing palms, healing fig trees and magical cherry blossoms. Illustrated in radiant hues by artist Helen Cann and containing notes about the individual characteristics of each species, this vibrant collection will encourage all of us, young and old alike, to appreciate the essential place of trees in our lives, and help us to translate our appreciation into the desire to protect our many endangered forests.

He looked up and trembled. It was indeed the kapok tree for which he was searching. He felt as if he was in the presence of a great spirit.

Recent praise:
"Magnificently illustrated in radiant hues with stunning border devices, a vibrant collection of tree tales will encourage children to appreciate the many magical gifts that trees can offer." - Books for Growing Minds
"Smoothly flowing, magical tales that will easily translate to lively classroom or bedtime reading." - Booklist
"Trees as a unifying theme work wonderfully in this volume filled with seven simply told tales." - Kirkus Reviews
"A book of stories about special trees? Yawn? No. Barefoot Books, as it continues to search out traditional stories worldwide, manages to choose stories that are interesting." - Chicago Tribune

Retold by: Rina Singh
She teaches creative writing, art, and drama to children. For more information on Rina visit her website


"Have you ever considered a tree to be a lifelong friend? Or wondered if trees could think, remember or even speak, if you listened hard enough?"
—from "A Forest of Stories"

Illustrated by: Helen Cann

Helen Cann trained in fine art and illustration at the University of Wales, graduating in 1992. Since then, she has exhibited in both England and throughout Europe. Helen divides her time between Germany and the UK.
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Read Alone: Ages 6-10
Read Together: Ages 4-8
Paperback; French folds; Full-color illustrations; 80pp;
8.63 x 10.63 inches
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