Kindergarten Music: Absolutely Nothin'

Kindergarten Music: Absolutely Nothing
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A fun and easy song to do with kids that's from the CD Dig Down Deep, is called Absolutely Nothin'. Our Sunday school kids love to put their hand on their hips and shake their finger back and forth, singing "Nothin', nothin', absolutely nothin.'" I like the song because it reinforces that nothing can separate us from the Father's love. What wonderful seeds are being planted in young people's hearts and minds.

Absolutely Nothin'  (Lyrics and Chords)

 D                                                      G
 Nothin', nothin', absolutely nothin'
D                                                       G
Nothin', nothin', absolutely nothin'
What can take your love away?
Nothin', nothin', absolutely nothin'.
What can make us separate?

Nothin', nothin', absolutley nothin'.
     G               A
In death or in life,
            F#                    Bm
What's deep or what's high,
             Em                                          A
There's one thing that stays the same.
        G           A
No power or king
        F#         Bm
Can do anything
      Em           A
To take your love away.
 D                                                     G
Nothin', nothin', absolutely nothin'
 D                             G          C   G
Nothin', nothin', absolutely nothin'!

YouTube Video (Jana Alayra)

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This is such a cute song for kid's worship. What lessons/music have you prepared for the children?
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