3 Questions for Writing Assignment

Writing Assignment: 3 Questions

I received a very cool writing assignment from Katie Davis awhile back... You might want to visit here site, www.katiedavis.com She's encouraging, motivating and a great author!

First Question: "What did you do right in 2013?"

Well,  I had finished up teaching music at a private Kindergarten class and decided that I missed the kids soooo much. From there I then went to the Sunday School Classes for 2-5 year old kids and it was like a whirlwind of fun, teaching tons of children songs to sing along with hand gestures.

Second Question: "What are your three words for 2014?"

1. Organize. I tend to make piles of paper with all my wonderful notes that inspire me for the moment.

2. Clean. I then tend to scatter my sticky notes throughout every room in the house.

3. Celebrate. After I figure out what I meant by all my note-taking, then I proceed to write a blog post or just work on writing 400 words for an article.

Katie says, "It's easy to get overwhelmed. Everyone is so busy. When you write things down it makes you feel in control. Crossing things off is even more fun!"

Third Question: Visualize where you see yourself at the end of 2014. Go as big as you can. See it. Visualizing makes it happen. Describe it below.

I see myself leading the children in two live performances (mostly for Christmas and Easter) to  a large audience. I also see how my being a piano teacher is opening doors for music therapy (for those having some type of injury to the brain.) Also, bringing music to Guest Homes and maybe getting back with the worship team or doing special music for the church. Plus, having musicians meet in my home and eventually record songs for children's books!

So, some additional writing thoughts could be on:

Goals for this year 2014.
Goals for this week of...
On going from previous weeks.
To Do.
Projects Review - Monday
Projects Review - Friday

Sometimes I wish their was a writer's workshop here in town but right now I'm finding lots of resources online. So, what are you working on? What are your 3 words for 2014?

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” -- C. S. Lewis

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