Balloons and Blessings

blue birthday balloons touching the ceiling

grandchildren gathering for family birthday party

Birthday blues everywhere in these two photos. All the children love these multiple balloons because they know it symbolizes "party time!" For this event, the party gal turned "31" and she was surrounded by loadss of love, food and family. It was a busy time making delicious fried rice for an army, while the men barbecued hundreds of chicken and beef kebobs with all those marvelous vegetables. Don't you feel the excitement in the air when friends and family gather to bless one another with friendship and good times?! These photos are for Blue Monday

family photo with grandchildren

First step for me in photo editing, is cropping! I wanted to focus on 4 people and get rid of stuff.

tinted photo of people

I added a simple mandarin orange tint and kept focusing on my grandkids' eyes.

focus on portrait smiles

This red-orange tint really brings out the decorative balls, the couch and my grandson's striped shirt.

radiant light for photo background

The radiant light shows how proud I am of family, while my older grandson looks like he's keeping a secret, while the other one (at nine months) is thinking... "huh?" These tinted photos are for Mandarin Orange Monday

Yes, there was music, flowers, games and cake, too. Have you recently celebrated a birthday or hosted a party?

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” — C. S. Lewis

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