Bird, Book and Candle

blue bird by fountain

I was so surprised to look outside my piano studio window and find some visiting birds in our fountain, especially this beautiful male bluebirdsialia mexicana

As farmers, we welcome bluebirds for their beneficial properties because we need them to rid the garden of insect pets! Perhaps my husband will want to build boxes with a sloped roof to help them build their nests. Do you have a bird house or bird feeder in your yard? If so, what type of bird visits your area? I love birds, especially the sound that a red tail hawk makes. Photo for Blue Monday

yellow golden finch

The American Goldfinch, is a small North American bird (Wild Canary) known in the Finch family Here he is nestled in our Crepe Myrtle Tree that has lost all its leaves for now. We're very happy to see their arrival around the running water in our fountain, and on the avocado tree limbs. Photo for Mellow Yellow Monday

crepe myrtle tree

Our Crepe Myrtle Tree in our back yard hasn't lost all of its leaves yet. Although it's nothing like "the turning of the leaves" in New England, we sure get a thrill seeing this fall color amidst our many Palm Trees throughout our ranch. Photo for Mandarin Orange Monday

homemade beeswax candles

Along time ago, I had won a candle kit giveaway by from a fellow blogger. There were 12 sheets of 8" x 8" of beeswax and 4 yards of cotton wicks. I finally had a moment to roll them out with the help of my grandson. Don't you think they'll make lovely stocking stuffers?

bees in honeycomb

picture book illustration

The Beeman children's picture book

Although this is temporarily out of stock on Amazon, there are used ones for sale. I remember selling a lot of these books to teachers who had a "bee unit" to cover. This is a very educational book with rhyming text. I really like this one, especially because we once were bee keepers. Do you like honey?

The Beeman

Happy Reading!

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” — C. S. Lewis
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  1. I have no bird houses, but I have plently of feathered visitors. Thanks for sharing this blue bird.

    Happy Blue Monday, D.

    1. Our place used to be a bird sanctuary with so many feeders and houses. Now I feed our grandchildren! :=)

  2. Cool group of photos. I used to have some beeswax candles. I loved them.
    Thanks for sharing. Have a beautiful week.

    1. And they smell so good. I love candles this time of year. Thanks for visiting, Sherry!

  3. Wonderful photos. The candles are great gift ideas. Happy MOM.

    Orange Bike

  4. Hi again. Thanks for coming by and followng me. It was nice meeting you. I would love to play the piano. I am fascinated with piano players. Thanks for teaching!
    Have a Blessed Day,

  5. I like the candles very much. Thanks for sharing.

  6. we have crepe Myrtle in Australia,it is a beautiful tree.I too love to watch the birds drinking from our bird bath,and have done many drawings and paintings of it.

  7. I love your candles!

    Hopping by from MYM.
    Here's my Mellow Yellow entry.

  8. Interesting collection of images. The crepe myrtle tree is beautiful - especially with the pattern the palm leaves make in front. Thank you for taking part in Mandarin Orange Monday:)


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