Around The Pumpkin Farm

tractor on the pumpkin farm

November skies in SoCal continue to be clear and bright with slightly cooler temperatures. Bates Nut Farm is located in Valley Center, California.

bumpy pumpkins
 I've never seen "bumpy" pumpkins before. They remind me of some type of gourd with their rough outer appearance.
cinderella pumpkin

I remember many, many years ago when the children were little ones, we made pumpkin pies from scratch.
Have you tried it before? I'll use the canned pumpkin for my pies again this year, it's easy.

bates nut farm

child dancing on platform
 After the grandson showed us his "turkey trot", he invited his cousin to stand on the platform and show her stuff.
grandchildren sitting in the chair.

After much contemplation, the little one twirled around and headed up the grove road for lunch. Flora loves wearing her striped leggings with just about everything.

 We had a little bite to eat before nap time. I think it's funny that my grandkids love Mexican food but it does please me to see them eat rice and beans, enchiladas and of course, chips and avocado. While waiting for the tangerines to ripen, we sampled the last of our delicious pears.

mexican food

assortment of pears

 Afterward, we went outdoors for some fresh air and to water the Clivias.


Photos for Blue Monday and Mandarin Orange Monday

I love getting together with family and friends and doing what most people love to do, which is eat. I can enjoy the food. I can enjoy my family and focus on giving thanks.

Where will you be and what will you be doing for the holiday? We'll be reading together:

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You may be interested in reading an excellent article, including 8 delicious recipes, at 13 Health Benefits of Pumpkin on Jen Reviews blog.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

-- LadyD

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