Just Rest

Half Rest Pillows
 RESTS are symbols which represent periods of silence. There is a rest sign which corresponds to each of the basic note values.
Whole Rests
Care must be taken not to confuse the whole rest with the half rest. The whole rest hangs from the fourth line of the staff. The half rest sits on the third line of the staff.

Half Rest and Whole Rest Pillows/Sachets
 A whole rest = 2 half rests. Whole rests gets 4 counts and a half rest receives 2 counts.

The hardest thing in group participation of a rhythm band, consisting of 5 year olds, is to just rest and hold your instrument and do not play while you count to yourself the number of beats you are resting for. My students and I have been working on Patriotic songs. Last week we used these pillows to play a game with. Students marched around a circle and when the music stopped, they had to rest on the pillow. I suppose next year I will make them larger to sit on! Aren't they cute and just right for Valentine's Day!

They're super easy to make. I had on hand a remnant of cotton fabric that already had a printed heart on it. The little sachet is stuffed with lavender from my garden but you could use sand or cedar chips or anything, really. Then with a marker pen, I drew the rest on them. So, when you turn the half note upside down, or right side up, you now have a whole rest. We had fun learning and playing with rhythm.

How many times have I heard my mother say, "Just rest." In this case, everyone in music class must pause and rest from playing for just a couple of beats and then play again!

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