Toads and Turtles

I remember driving along the road with our son, when all of a sudden we saw a tortoise slowly crossing the street. I stopped the car and we scooped him up and brought him safely home. We enjoyed our family pet for a very long time. 

Then camping one year, we came across a beautiful turtle sunning himself in the great outdoors. Our family is fond of turtles, especially when it comes to reading quality children's books.  Are you familiar with the series, Franklin the Turtle?

Franklin the Turtle titles are available for the first time ever as eBooks! 

In addition, Open Road has just released new video footage featuring Franklin's co-creators, author Paulette Bourgeois and illustrator Brenda Clark, as they share their vision for this special character, and discuss how Franklin's books have made friends all over the world.


Open Road Media has just released the treasured Franklin titles in ebook format, including four single titles and eight bundled sets, and the 25th anniversary edition of FRANKLIN IN THE DARK, for the ereader. 

A Classic Franklin Story
Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark
Open Road Media
 Franklin is every young child’s friend. Children instantly connect with the little turtle’s sense of adventure and enjoy seeing him work through familiar dilemmas—fear of the dark, first-day-of-school jitters—in his own way. Franklin’s books have made friends all over the world, selling more than 65 million copies in over 30 languages....

 My Thoughts

Have you ever been concerned about the weather? Perhaps it’s a thunderstorm? Everyone seems to be afraid of something and Franklin, the turtle is very good at counting his numbers and tying his shoes but he seems to be a bit distraught over weather conditions.

On the way to Fox’s house, Franklin keeps his focus on what is happening to the sky. Different forest animals talk about their different perspectives of a storm and how it makes them feel.

The illustrations are so beautiful and colorful as we find Fox and his friends taking cover from a storm, all gathered together in the tree house. It is here that we find Fox’s mother letting everyone know it’s not safe and that they must come inside the home. Suddenly, Franklin hears lightening strike and although safe inside, he finds himself so scared that he goes deep inside his shell.

Soon Franklin’s friends begin to comfort him with adorable analogies and probable causes to such scary weather. What a wonderful surprise ending at the back of the book. Find out more when you purchase this delightful eBook. 5*

Paulette Bourgeois worked as an occupational therapist and a print and television journalist before she began writing for children. When Franklin in the Dark was released in 1986, it became a bestseller—and the Franklin phenomenon was born. Paulette has gone on to write over 30 Franklin stories illustrated by Brenda Clark that have been published around the world. Although Paulette is best known for the Franklin books, she has also written other children’s titles, including a number of non-fiction books and the award-winning picture book Oma’s Quilt. Paulette lives in Toronto, Ontario.  

For parents, teachers and librarians learn more at Paulette's Website

For another photo of Paulette, see

After graduating from the illustration program at Sheridan College, Brenda Clark worked as a freelance illustrator for children’s magazines and books. When she was asked to illustrate Franklin in the Dark, Brenda researched turtles and other animals in order to give Franklin and his friends as many authentic details as possible. In addition to over 30 Franklin collaborations with Paulette Bourgeois, the duo created another picture-book classic, Big Sarah’s Little Boots. Brenda Clark is also the illustrator of Sadie and the Snowman and the award-winning Little Fingerling. Brenda lives in Port Hope, Ontario.

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We, my grandson and I, are huge fans of Franklin. We have read Kids Can Read series, Franklin Stays Up and Franklin And The Contest. This was my first experience reading an eBook and then posting my review. I was most impressed with the presentation and vivid colors of this charming children's book. Thanks NetGallery and Nicole Bruce of Open Road Media for contacting me.

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