National Poinsettia Day: December 12 and Barefoot Books Review: The Miracle of the First Poinsettia

La flor de pascua (Euphorbia pulcherrima)Image by Cebolledo via FlickrThe poinsettia is a beautiful flowering shrub native of Mexico.  The poinsettia is the most popular and best-selling potted plant in the U.S.A.  The global popularity of the plant was actually spread by an American who introduced the plant to the U.S. and it is named after him:  Joel Roberts Poinsett.  December 12 is  National Poinsettia Day.

Barefoot Books offers a great hardcover children's book:

The Miracle of the First Poinsettia


A Mexican Christmas Story

Celebrate the season with this touching tale of the story behind the first poinsettia in Mexico. Young Juanita may not have much money, but she does have a lot of faith and her trust leads her right into a miracle. 
Ages 4 to 9 years

Written By: Joanne Oppenheim
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Illustrated By: Fabian Negrin 
Beautiful water color and oil illustrations!

You can order this book for $16.99 at:

This is a great contribution to any class room. It's for the middle grade reader and for sure, a great read aloud book. Read together, ages 4-8 and read alone, 7-10.

It's beautifully written and the illustrations are so gorgeous. You will want to get the book and let it be a tradition in your family every Christmas!

It is Christmas Eve (la Noche Buena). Everyone is happy ... even Papa, who just lost his job. Juanita is sad. True, there are no extra pesos for toys or candy, but more importantly, she doesn't have a gift to bring to church for the Baby Jesus. When everyone went in for services, Juanita stayed outside. A stone angel in the garden helps her find the perfect gift. She is skeptical of carrying weeds into church, but she does as the angel suggests. Will people laugh at her? This is a picture book story with a folk legend about how the Poinsettia became part of Christmas

This Christmas, order this wonderful book!
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