Cleo The Cat: Children's Book Series

I love my cat and my daughter has beautiful cats. Have a look... Do you have any cats at your house?

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Here's a list of the Cleo The Cat series:

 My Thoughts:

1. Cleo The Cat
"Cleo the cat is a great book for preschool aged children as it offers fun, colorful illustrations, an easy-to-follow story line, & an lovely animal as the main character. This will certainly engage young children & make them need to read."
2. Cleo's Alphabet Book
"This book is colorful and straightforward to read, and keeps babies guessing by not revealing the name of the object being featured for each letter of the alphabet."
3. Cleo's Counting Book
 "What makes this counting book so delightful is that it is filled with adventure in counting outdoor animals like dogs, frogs, birds and trees. What fun to count to ten and then back again! It's easy for children to focus on the main character, Cleo the bright orange cat. The interaction of little ones learning how to count through repetition is rewarding for both parents and children, sure to bring smiles on faces!"
4.  Come Here, Cleo!
"Come Here, Cleo is the telling of a day in the life of a playful orange cat. The bright colors, fun rhyming, and simple read make this a great book for very young children."
5.  Cleo and Casper
"Cleo and Caspar conveys a simple but touching message even to the youngest kid. they get anxious when someone different comes into our world but with time they come to appreciate their presence. The simple and colorful pics convey the message in a way that delights all ages."
6. Cleo's Color Book
"Red, orange, the colors with help from Cleo! This poetic rhyming journey will teach youngsters how to recognize and generate colors on their own!"
Wishing everyone a very warm and bright New Year!
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