Tooth Fairy Puppet and Garden Fairy Stamps

Folkmanis Puppets are for kids!

Fairy Tooth Puppet

Find the perfect spot for a lost tooth! This fairy finger puppet has purple gossamer wings, long curly hair and a special pocket in her shirt, just the right size for a lost tooth.
Ages 5 to 8 years
Produced By: Folkmanis 
$11.99 My Marketplace

Barefoot Books offers professional puppets to children made by Folkmanis. One of my favorite finger puppets is the Fairy Tooth Puppet. She is gorgeous. Barefoot Books offers a variety of animal finger puppets as well.
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 Now, if you like fairies, you will want to see Dulemba's  exclusive line of stamps, especially cling stamps - including a new line of Garden Fairies! For more information on digital stamps, visit: 

Learn how the story was born and how it all came about, you know coloring book images plus stamps makes a huge connection. Read about it here

I love this one... an Autumn Fairy "thinking of you" card made by Sharon Harnist. For instructions on how to make this card, visit her site Paperfections.

Over at Copic Creations I found these lovely creations that go with the fairy theme; amazing cards.

If you're looking for fairy coloring pages, I recommend Dulemba Coloring Pages 
She has very nice images of reading fairies for little girls and granddaughters to color and yes, adults, too!

"This week the stamping world gets to fully appreciate Elizabeth's early childhood love of Fairies with the introduction of 3 Fairy Sets designed by Elizabeth: Quiet Moments, In the Moonlight and Bee Ride.  Her illustrations are a joy to color!  They just make you smile!!"

 This beautiful card reminds me of the Bee Puppet, a hand puppet from Barefoot Books.

Bee Puppet

Buzz along with this handcrafted puppet. The plush bee is designed atop a glove that becomes the wiggly legs, and sheer wings and antennae adorn the top.
Ages 5 to 8 years
Produced By: Folkmanis
 $14.99 Buy Hand Puppet

The Fabrics of Fairy Tale

Stories Spun from Far and Wide

Weave your way into seven folk tales that explore the creation of wonderful worlds, each illustrated with beautiful fabric artwork. Each story is preceded by a two-spread introduction about the history behind the fabric and the way it is made and used. Book with double CDs edition includes stories read by Tanya Robyn Batt.
Ages 7 and up
Illustrated By: Rachel Griffin
Narrated By: Tanya Robyn Batt

 In addition to these beautiful fairy children's books and Dvd/Cd, Barefoot Books offers Fairy Postcards
for $1.00

Fairy Tales Postcards Pack

Venture to the land of beloved fairy tales with this pack of postcards. Featuring six different Nicoletta Ceccoli images from The Barefoot Book of Fairy Tales, these cards offer a beautiful way to correspond with customers to thank them for orders, remind them of upcoming events, and much more!

Fairy Dress Up

If you know of a wee little one who loves to dress up and be a fairy, then you will want to learn more about Sarah's Silks.

Aqua Fairy Silk Head Garland

Complete the fairy dress up with this matching silk aqua blue head garland. Includes elastic headband and is adorned with streaming ribbons and a satin rose.
Ages 3 to 8 years
Produced By: Sarah's Silks 

Mint & Aqua Reversible Fairy Silk Skirt-Toddler Size

Imagine a world of fairies and pixie dust! This reversible mint green and aqua blue silk skirt is the ultimate dress up and is sized perfectly for toddlers. Includes elastic waist band and is adorned with satin roses.
Ages 2 to 4 years
Produced By: Sarah's Silks 

Pink and Lavender Reversible Fairy Silk Skirt- Regular size

Dress up as a majestic princess! This reversible pink and lavender silk skirt is the must-have for a young princess and is sized perfectly for older children. Includes elastic waist band and is adorned with satin roses.
Ages 4 to 7 years
Produced By: Sarah's Silks

I love "the world of fairies" and hope you have enjoyed your visit at Barefoot Books- LadyD.
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