Lovely Lavender

Lovely Lavender in My Garden 

I grow lots of lavender around my property mostly because of its hardiness and also because it flourishes in my climate zone. The plant is drought tolerant, pest resistant and my rabbits and gophers leave it alone. The lavender plant is actually in the mint family.

I have heard of lavender farms in Oregon and Washington. I know we have some in California as well, mostly around Santa Barbara area. On my ranch, the lavender plant blooms all year round.

Many of my relatives in Greece say it grows well in the Mediterranean and I’ve read that the plant extends through Southern Europe, Arabia, India and Africa as well. There are around 40 different types of lavender. I’m only familiar with a few kinds, French, English and Spanish Lavender.

Some of my friends say lavender is the flower of positive thinking. Maybe it is, I just don’t know. What I can tell you from experience, lavender has healing characteristics for cuts and burns. Also, lavender reduces inflammation and repels insects. One of its best attributes is that it is the top ingredient in gels for muscle relaxing.

One of my favorite attractions to lavender is that it calms the senses, our nerves and helps for relaxation, you know, feeling less anxious. For the ladies, healing properties from this wonderful plant can be found in hand lotions and also placed in eye pillows for sleep. Just warm it up in the microwave and place it over your eyes for a very nice relaxing feel. Rubbing the lotion onto your feet is an incredibly relaxing and tingling-all-over sensational feeling.

I have used many of the lavender related products throughout my home. You can melt lavender bars of wax throughout the rooms for dispersing a peaceful aroma. Lavender room spray mists are available, too for laundry use, bed sheets and yes, even your pet! Plus, you'll find a bar of lavender soap can be refreshing to use with a sweet aroma to it.

Headaches can be treated with applying a few drops of lavender on your temples. If you are treating yourself to a massage, lavender essential oil enhances an overall feeling of relaxation with little fragrance if you have allergies. Spraying some lavender floral mist on sheets and pillowcases will help you towards a good night rest.

I also enjoy a room that visually glows with lavender scented candles. The beauty of this marvelous plant is that it not only creates atmosphere and ambiance but you can also bake with lavender buds added to sugar and add the flower buds to a cup of hot chocolate as well or perhaps have a cup of lavender tea.

One of my hand sewing activities during some free time that I enjoy is to make lavender sachets for gift giving to friends and lavender pillows for babies rooms that say, “Shh… baby sleeping!” It is so amazing to me just how much one person can benefit from one lavender plant. Truly lavender is a plant of luxury. I'm glad it's in my garden.

Happy Mother's Day weekend to all my readers!

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