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 Oceanside, California Farmer's Market

I have always enjoyed visiting farmer’s markets, open-air markets and swap meets. Perhaps it’s the Greek in me that’s being drawn to these energized environments. But then I’m also an avocado grower and there definitely is a profit along with a feeling of satisfaction in being a vendor and selling your garden produce at farmer’s markets. I love a good deal!

The vendor’s at these outdoor functions are so fascinating to talk with. Did you know they have vendor etiquette rules? Meaning that you don’t draw the public into your tent space until after the customer starts to leave your neighbor’s vicinity. Then one can begin to introduce what they’re selling. Sometimes just leaving the shopper alone to browse with an occasional “Let me know if you have any questions” is a good approach.

Every nearby city within radius to where I live has a local certified organic farmer’s market. Some markets vary from town to town. There are those who only cater to the local farmer’s and craftsmen. Then there are some markets that are open to retail products and have a special section for retailers to set up their wares.

Prices to sell will vary as well as entrance fees to the markets or perhaps none at all. Locations vary as well. I’ve seen several streets dedicated to the farmer’s market on a Saturday and midweek. I wasn’t too surprised to see one set up in a mall parking lot. They seem to be very popular now and are popping up everywhere and on any given day of the week and/or weekend. Do you have one in your area?

The table fees can vary and range from $10.00 to $400.00 for a larger event like a Street Fair. Of course advertising helps bring the crowds out with your local newspaper ads, street banners and signs, music performers and word of mouth referrals. I love supporting our local farmer’s market. How about you?

If you’re looking for homemade jewelry to unique aprons and handmade quilts, I’m sure you’ll find it at a local faire. Then there are tools, produce, doggie beds, stained glass artists, musicians to hear and excellent food for purchase as well.

I especially enjoy talking with the farmer vendors about how to grow purple potatoes or making your own candles and especially sampling local honey from our beekeepers. Just seeing rows of market umbrellas and 10 X 10 pop up tents are a great visual to see. Very importantly for the vendor is having the correct vendor’s license for your area to legally sell your wares and then report your taxes.

I myself have sold children’s books awhile back (in my younger days) at various farmer’s markets, along with my avocados during the warm spring and summer months and have enjoyed talking with so many wonderful people. I have met beautiful folks from India, England and all over. I find children’s books to be a limited market but I would always find a grandma, young mother and especially teachers stopping by my bookstore.

My avocado business has grown much larger now and my bookstore is available for online shoppers. My vendor days have faded to fond memories. Now and then I'll set up a 10 X 10 tent or my market umbrella to set up and sell at a local community event-outreach... but looking ahead, you will mostly find me purchasing locally grown fruits and vegetables early in the early morning hours from our local growers and farmers. 

I have also done school fundraisers and love that type of exchange as well. What would be ideal for me is to write my own children’s books someday. I think I would like that very much indeed!

If you're interested in having your own business that you can run from home and becoming a Barefoot Books Ambassador yourself, send me an email and I'll help you get started. also, if you live in Southern California and you know of an event that you feel might be of int4rest to me, please let me know of that as well. And especially if you would like Barefoot Books to come to any of your school events for a book fair, holiday boutique sale, give me a call.

Have you discovered a farmer's market in your area? Today I'm going to a street fair with my grandson and family. They estimate one million people in attendance.
Wish me luck! 


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