You and Me by Giovanni Manna

I love to hold board books and lap books that come in all shapes and sizes. The durable card stock that Barefoot Books uses is a plus for parents and grandparents purchasing quality children's books for babies to 3 years old that will hold up and last for some time! Lap books are fun for the toddler to turn the pages more easily. In addition, sometimes you will find less words on a page and wonderful illustrations to look at. Children seem to love to point to all the details on the pages!

You and Me

* Book Description:

You and Me

Imagine yourself in a variety of situations along with the boy and girl in this simple rhyming text. As they play an imaginary game of opposites and contrasts, the children explore valleys and hills, light and dark, and hot and cold, but find that in the end, it's best when "You're you, and I'm me."

Ages 1 to 4 years

Written By: Stella Blackstone

Illustrated By: Giovanni Manna

book illustrations

* Publisher’s Description:

The imaginary games of a boy and a girl form the basis of this enchanting picture book about opposites and contrasts. As the two children play together, they picture themselves as all kinds of characters, animals, landscapes and moods. “I’m a circle, you’re a square; I’m a tiger, you’re a bear.”

* What I Like

The words on the pages are so very simple to read but the over all concept of opposites is brilliant! Plus each sturdy, durable page has a detailed border encompassing a gorgeous detailed picture of rich colors to see. This sweet book makes a perfect gift for anyone.

* Reviews

"This is so much more than a book of opposites. It sends a loving message that what sets us apart from one another is also what makes us compatible. I love how the two children, on opposing pages for each set of opposites, are always looking at each other from across the binding of the book. You and Me is also a book about imagination, as it personifies shapes, weather, animals, and states of being. In the end, the comforting message is about our individuality and friendship.
Giovanni Manna's illustrations make this a perfectly dreamy book! Snuggle up!"

"This book is great for kids just learning to read because of its simple text and storyline. The fact that the text rhymes and reads like a long poem is also helpful to young readers. The full page illustrations are very colorful and describe exactly what the text is saying, and will keep young readers engaged in what they are learning."

Celebrating difference, but above all celebrating relationship, You and Me is a very special picture book that will captivate pre-school audiences but is also sure to attract plenty of adult fans.

Happy Reading!
Barefoot Books - LadyD

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