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We had a fun time at Christ the King Lutheran Preschool Book Fundraiser. I set up a display of Barefoot Books, puppets and puzzles in their library room. I would say that one of the most popular books purchased at the event was "Cleo's Color Book". I'd like to tell you a little about the book so that you can see why it is popular with the little ones!
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Cleo's Color Book

Cleo's Color Book
Come along with Cleo as she discovers colors in the world around her. Rhyme and repetition drive the learning layers, while two double-page spreads at the end reinforce the color recognition and even teach simple color mixing.

Children's Literature

Cleo's book has an excellent rhyme scheme and good vocabulary (a mix of more difficult-to-pronounce words, such as bicycle and submarine, with common and easy-to-say words like ball, small, and dog). Children will enjoy their visit to Cleo's world; it is full of bright colors and cute characters. Parents, librarians, and educators will especially appreciate three things in the book. One, the language is very fluid, fun, and easy to read aloud. Two, each item being described (ball, bicycle, flower, etc.) is repeated towards the end of the book in a series of small close ups on the items. Educators can test the listeners' reading comprehension by asking them to point out, for example, the moon and submarine. Three, the book comes with a guide at the end (complete with more charming illustrations) for creating new colors. Combining a pair of red socks and a yellow sun creates an orange cat, while mixing a red ladybug and a white glass of milk makes a pink heart. If children enjoy this title, be sure to refer them to the companion books featuring Cleo the Cat.

Ages 1 to 4 years

Written By: Stella Blackstone

Illustrated By: Caroline Mockford

Product Description:
Red, orange, the colors with help from Cleo! This poetic rhyming journey will teach youngsters how to recognize and create colors on their own! This vivid picture book follows an orange cat named Cleo as she spends a day looking at the colors in her home and neighborhood. Sometimes accompanied by a boy and sometimes alone, Cleo explores while rhyming verses comment on what she sees. Simple and effective in exploring the basic concept, this appealing picture book offers a brief narrative and, for children who are ready, an accessible introduction to colors.

From the Book

“Here is a bicycle, shiny and red./Here is a flower with round yellow head.”

* My Review:

Winning Combo: Objects and Color
Educational, Colorful

What makes it a winning board book is that children can relate to a red bike, a black kitty, a blue submarine and a brown teddy bear. Towards the back of the book, you will find a colorful picture chart of the objects with the name associated with their color that reinforces language development for preschool education. Step into the beautiful world of color in reading Cleo's Color Book!

* My Daughter's Review:

Teach Simple Signs, Too!
Easy to read, Animals, Colorful, Great illustrations, colors, language, naming objects

This is a wonderful book! Colorful, lovely rhyming text with simple everyday objects. Great fun for using with language development and teaching simple signs as well as colors! My three year old still loves following Cleo as she explores her colorful world.

* Preschool Book Review:

* From School Library Journal
PreS-Fans of Cleo's Alphabet Book and Cleo's Counting Book (both Barefoot, 2003) will be happy to see the kitten return. This time, the rhyming text and bright, uncluttered illustrations offer a joyful introduction to color. During the course of a day, Cleo sees various objects, including a red bicycle, pink ice cream, and an orange ball, ending with the white moon shining over the town. The book concludes with a spread that shows what happens when colors are mixed; for slightly older children, this is a fun extension. A perfect selection for toddler programs.-JoAnn Jonas, Chula Vista Public Library, San Diego, CA

* Type of Reading: family reading, anytime reading, playtime reading, read aloud book
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